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Some keys to finish with prejudices about officials.

Official myself, responsible for a federation of unions strongly implanted in the public service of State and territorial public service, I chose to become official and advocate in a trade union organization because I think that the public service is there to meet the needs of our society, defending the general interest and raise high the values of the Republic, especially those of solidarity and equality. As my colleagues I am proud and I am tired of hear say, be it in the media or in the mouths of politicians that public service is archaic, it is more used to much and, of course, that it costs too much to a State presented as in near bankruptcy. It is well precisely to dé-construire this devalorisateur speech and fight misconceptions about the public service and its agents that I wanted to enter the heart of the matter, without circumventing the difficulties, starting directly from the recurrent questions about officials. All data mentioned in the book are taken from public data and official statistics. Thus, you can hear the envi that there are too many officials and that they cost too much to the nation, that they are too absentee, still on strike and that they work less than employees in the private sector, they are, and their unions with them, hostile to any reform in nature. On the excessive number of staff and their costs to our society, remember that if the number of public officials has experienced an increase of 26.2%, total employment rose by 13.6% and the population grew by 12.5%, this demographic growth based on one of the highest birth rates in Europe, coupled with a life expectancy that lengthens create (home of young children needseducation, support for the elderly. . ) which involve public intervention to guarantee access to essential services. Furthermore, the employment rate in the Government in France is 90 per 1000 inhabitants, at the same level as that of the United Kingdom, when it is between 140 and 160 to 1000 in the Nordic countries. As to the cost of the public service and public services, in 1978 nine points of GDP were affected to the remuneration of public officials (State and local governments) against 9.8 points in 2000 and 9.3 in 2011, an increase of 0.3 of a point over a period of 33 years. Countdown of this dominant discourse, the State and local authorities aren’t the actors of economic and social life, through financing and the construction of major infrastructure? We talk about cost but would it not better to speak of investment and recognize the role in the functioning of our economy, whether it is the formation of the future citizens and future employees through our educational system and vocational training, health, roads or public transport they use, housing helped, the childhood and the elderly home, grants to companies,.? Concerning absenteeism of staff, employees of private companies have been absent for health reasons 16.6 days per year on average in 2013. In the public service, these judgments are valued at 13 days per year for the public service of the State, 16.3 days a year in the public hospital and 21.7 days per year for the territorial public service, where women, frequently absent, particularly because we count in disease days related to motherhood and care of sick childrenrepresent 61% of personnel. On the other hand, the idea that officials are still on strike is a myth to be slaughtered. There each year less than two million days lost due to strikes in the public service of the State, an average, less than one day per agent and per year. In addition, in the public service of the State, any shorter than a day strike is sanctioned the effective withdrawal of at least a day’s salary, when in the private sector or the other slopes of the public service an hour to strike is penalized one removed wage-hour. On working time, it is very common to hear that teachers are working less than employees in the private sector. Yet, and it is the Ministry of national education that says, the invisible work of teachers (preparation of the class, course, corrections, documentation, follow-up of students, participation in juries, visit of internship, working meetings, meeting with the parents,.) gate their average working hours to 44 hours per week for teachers of first degree and 43 hours for teachers certified in the second degree. During their holidays, teachers work an average of 20 days, according to the same surveys of the Ministry of national education. Finally, to defeat undermined the idea that officials resist any innovation and their unions refused reforms, believed that public services could cope with the needs arising from the evolution of the society without changing themselves and innovate? The public education Department, for example, could triple the percentage of an age class accessing the Bachelor since 1970 without deeply evolve his methods? As to the trade unions, not only they are not hostile to reforms but they offer, and ask that the agents are involved in their design and their implementation. Only, when in the spirit of the rulers the word reform is that the screen of a dominant concern, namely to reduce costs to reduce the taxes of the wealthiest, in return it is clear that the meaning and the contents of the word reform are not the same for unions who wear them and the public power that implements. It is not easy to fight against received ideas, especially when they are constantly repeated and disseminated by the media without questioning or political personnel who discount, by dint of denigrating the administration, be able to downsize with the consent of the citizens. Yet, public opinion, even if it leaves sometimes win by what I call the official-bashing, resists this undermines business because citizens know how public services and their agents, each day guarantors of defence of interest general, they need and contribute, by all users access rights and the effectiveness of these rightsto maintain social cohesion well blunted by tax and economic policies still more unequal. . Related facts can be read reading

Fnac deploys its stores at Intermarché.

Lama continues his conquest of medium and small cities. Monday, the sign of cultural property and technology announced the imminent opening of two new points of sale of proximity in location and culture spaces and recreation of two stores Intermarché. These first corners Fnac at the Musketeers will open their doors on 23 October in Belleville-sur-Saône (Rhône) 540 m2, and on 6 November in Crest (Drôme), 400 m2. Discussions are also underway for thirteen other spaces culture and recreation of the Intermarché network, "which some are very advanced", details a Fnac spokeswoman. These outlets, located outside shops, will be managed entirely by the Fnac and propose a sample of the offer of the brand of technical and cultural properties (books, discs, DVDs, Fnac Kids at Crest, telephony in Belleville). The services offered in its points of sale by the Fnac will also be available, such as the withdrawal in stores, ticketing and membership. . For additional data regarding this topic read reference.

The Russia will provide up to eight nuclear reactors to South Africa.

The Russia will provide until 2023 up to eight nuclear reactors in South Africa as part of a strategic partnership in the field of nuclear energy signed between the two countries, announced Monday the Russian Agency of Atomic Energy Rosatom. The delivery of these reactors will enable the commissioning of the first nuclear power plant based on Russian technology operating on the African continent and should result in orders which may reach up to 10 billion dollars for local businesses, Rosatom said in a statement. The Director of Rosatom, Sergei Kiriyenko, for his part estimated the total value of the agreement signed at between 40 and 50 billion dollars. A reactor costs about $ 5 billion. Taking into account the different conditions, the cost of eight units can be estimated at between 40 and 50 billion dollars, he told the Russian news agency Itar-Tass. The text signed between the two countries is however for the moment only an intergovernmental agreement, which aims to be transformed to firm contract term. The agreement, signed during a conference in Vienna of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), also provides for partnerships between the two countries in the field of nuclear energy, including support for the construction of infrastructure in South Africa and the training of African specialists in Russian universities. I am convinced that the partnership with the Russia will allow South Africa to realize its ambitious program by 2030 of new nuclear power plants on the basis of a modern and reliable technology, said South African Minister of l?Energy, Tina Joemat-Pettersson, quoted in the press release. Country more industrialized Africa, South Africa, very dependent on coal-fired plants and which has experienced a major energy crisis in 2008, wants to develop a new fleet of reactors with a total output of 9. 600 MW, in addition to its existing plant. The electrical capacity of the countries are already close to their maximum, resulting in frequent blackouts that hamper economic activity. The scenarios mentioned by the end of 2013 Government ranged from zero to eight new reactors connected between 2023 and 2035, parallel to the development of hydroelectricity from the future dam supply Inga III in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the development of shale gas. The launch of a call for tenders for the South African nuclear is however wait for several years. The agreement with the Russia could sound the death knell of the ambitions of the french group Areva, already supplier of unique Central South Africa’s Koeberg, which positioned itself since 2008 for the South African market, proposing to provide its new generation reactors in Pretoria EPR. At the time, South Africa had also sought the American-Japanese group Westinghouse to make it him also offers. The commissioning of the new Russian reactors is planned for 2023. . Extended data can be read clicking

They are murdering us and everyone plug.

130 000. The number of Kurdish refugees from Syria arrived in Turkey in four days is staggering. Men, women and children fleeing the horror of death, the attacks of the jihadist Daesh, self-proclaimed Islamic State (AR) group and benefited from a short partial opening of the border with Turkey. The agencies AFP and Reuters were on-site last two days and gave the word to these refugees. Happened two days ago, Ismail Emer Ziravek, awaits the arrival of his family: for months, these people are murdering our brothers and violate our sisters. Everything happens under the eyes of the world and the international community does not react, be gone with it. If at least it gave us weapons, could defend themselves,. Protected from the Sun by a blue hat, Muhammad Abbas, a teacher for 40 years coordinates a group of some 20 people including his wife and his six children. Everyone is scared, he explains to Reuters. Where is the humanity? Where is the world? They are murdering us and everyone plug. Monday, the Turkish authorities have finally decided to close the border, leaving thousands of Syrians, including Kurds, their terrible fate. Reached by Reuters by telephone, Welat Avar, a doctor from Kobane tells: the IR continues its advance. All places where they spend they kill, injure and kidnap people. Many people have disappeared and we believe that they have removed. We have an urgent need of medicines and equipment for operations. We have so many injured, the EIS kills many people in the villages. They have beheaded two people. I saw it with my own eyes. . For more information on this topic click blog.

Deutsche Eishockey Liga: fleet bee.

Christensen, only 1.77 metres tall and 76 pounds, the concept of the new EHC coach Jackson embodies with his style of play ideal type: aggressive, lauffreudig and hardworking – forward as to the rear. As in the 5-2-victory on Friday in Krefeld, wiggled the EHC in the body with the score at 2-2 and two Krefeld attackers were about direction of Münchner Tor. The best thing about this scene from EHC point of view was that a Munich back sped and using full body – and head – prevented the deadly square pass: Mads Christensen. Jackson, like all Americans, says that he appreciate hard work. So he struck in the summer, when the opportunity presented itself, and directed Christensen from Berlin to Munich. The EHC of Danish national team player from the beginning showed his work ethic to his qualities, specifically. Although he sustained an injury in the week before the season opener, he wanted to be the first game in Hamburg. From a medical standpoint, its use was not free of risk, but Christensen played – and scored the EHC first goal of the season. In the third line, he already now splendidly harmonizes with Evan Brophey, who is also new to the team and had a strong season opener. All four EHC hits went on Sunday to the account access, overall the new 14 of 22 Munich goals have shot. Player Felix Petermann did many players in the current squad of the EHC, which are snappy and sacrifice themselves. He mentions no names, but Christensen falls into this category. Last season played the Munich under coach Pierre Pagé sweeping forward – in the backward movement but often equally spectacular mistakes among them. Jackson has chosen his players afterwards that errors occur as rarely as in Krefeld. Christensen, but is not limited to its duties, but intersperses gate to gate. More currently no professional in the German Ice Hockey League has four goals in four matches – to present. Not everyone could score 20 goals in a season, he said still in training camp and scorer from itself in the Munich offer of the category – and sorted into the roll cover worker bee. Now he meets regularly – and will be even more valuable to the team. . For more facts about this matter click

Google nexus: HTC to build new Google tablet.

Google No more sets nexus in the new version of its tablet computer according to a media report on Samsung. Instead, the choice on the’s smaller competitors of HTC of Taiwan had fallen, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter. Therefore, HTC was since last year as the manufacturer of the device with a nine inch screen in the conversation. HTC engineers had been working on the project in the past few months at the Google headquarters in California. HTC has a number of successful smartphones on the market but with the HTC one, with the tablets of the Taiwanese manufacturer has been on the market but could establish. 2011, the Tablet-flyer and Jetstream appeared. They were however not very successful, so that HTC has released today no successor. So far only unconfirmed and little reliable rumors are circulating about the new Nexus Tablet: a processor of the graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA should be installed in the device, the nine-inch display is perhaps an unusual 4:3-format. Cost to new nexus between 300 and 400 euro, it could come in October in the trade already. . You should visit the following fact to read extra about this interesting subject.

Sloth: Don’t rush.

Sloths can take it very slowly. About when they cross a street. There is impatient about the look. As if in slow motion, the sloth over the asphalt creeps. Cumbersome, it stands until the left forefoot. Dropping him off. Then the right. Put it down. Take a look around. Blink. Maybe it nods up even briefly. Just don’t rush! At the time, in which a dog three times went to one block, the sloth creates a few meters.  At most. Still annoys is Judy Avey-Arroyo, that the animals are called sloths (and in many languages). Because sloths do not lazy – but world champion in the energy saving are actually. Hardly anyone knows so well with sloths like Judy Arroyo. It operates a shelter specifically for this species. It is located in Costa Rica, a country in Central America. Over the years, she has recorded nearly 600 sloth. While Judy Arroyo knew nothing about these animals met Butter Cup. The name is English, to pronounce it Batterkapp. He translates to Buttercup. More than 20 years ago, neighborhood kids brought the baby sloth to Judy Arroyo. They had found it on the street. The mother was killed. Judy and her husband recorded it and baptized there. You used and fed butter cup with delicate leaves. That’s how everything started. Soon word spread that the arroyos record sloths. People were more and more injured or orphaned sloth. An animal Center became the the arroyos with time At home. Sloth love the tropical rain forest. Like they just dangle in the tree and do: nothing. To do this, they hang with their long claws on a branch. The two-finger sloth has two claws on the Forefeet, the three-toed sloth three. On the Hindlegs, both species have three claws – and all are up to 10 centimeters long. With these hooks, they cling with all fours. As a living hammock, back down. But why sloths are so slow? This has to do with their food. The leaves in the rain forest are quite poor in nutrients. You provide so little energy the body. Some animals will solve this problem by eating A lot especially. The sloth has a trick: it moves hardly – and so very little energy. Therefore, it must nibble leaves only a handful of the day. Digestion takes their time By the way also. The green stuff in the stomach remains up to a month. Sloths must therefore only once per week on the toilet. The two-toed sloth just drops his feces from the tree. The three-toed sloth climb awkwardly from the tree and pushes his heaps on the ground. Always in the same place. Why do researchers know: where the feces become larvae and moths. You get stuck on the sloth and of living the green algae, put on his coat. The algae in turn taste quite well the sloth. So all have something like this. Sounds not appetizing – but it works! Judy arroyos sloths have the same hobbies as their conspecifics in the wild: in their enclosures, they hang like branches. You sleep and snooze A lot or climb slowly through a jungle training course of kind of. Thus the climbing not unlearn them. . Root facts can be read checking the following link.

The disbelief.

Ficci n works required us something called suspending disbelief n. We don’t pass the p pages or see the pel cula thinking that all that is an invention, because we decided to believe what we are told. To some extent, at least. Not s c mo habr to call the mechanism that gets underway unconsciously when we enjoy as spectators of certain competitions. Let’s see. The National Football League is the League m s important in the world. Front f American football, other sports t typically American, such as the b baseball or basketball, are simple pastimes. The aut quantum pasi n is the football f. The President of the NFL, Roger Goodell, cobra 44 million annual lares, which gives an idea of the level. I’m not saying that Joseph Blatter, the FIFA President, do not enter quantities similar or superior, but in any case it does not, or har in legal form. NFL dec masters, attract the maximum attention n and sponsor lavish s m. During the grand finale, the Superbowl, much of the population n from United States congregate in the TV. . Root data may be read visiting this

Happy dati’s return of Sarkozy, less Péchenard choice.

"Our first goal is the UMP, due to our members and our activists which was live the horror for two years and a half", according to the Parisian chosen. ‘It is due also to the other candidates for the Presidency of the UMP who are candidates of quality’, insisted the Mayor of District VII. She welcomed their proposals "in line with expectations" militants, as a 100% right, party as the advocates including one of them, Member of Parliament for the Eure Bruno Le Maire. Asked about primaries, she is said to be "legitimist" and will follow the opinion of the members. "Sometimes – today we see the result – this gives the lowest common denominator. ” Be very careful. "I think it is a bad choice", she commented about Péchenard, former director general of the National Police in charge of managing the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy to the Presidency of the UMP. Why? "Nicolas Sarkozy knows and Frédéric Péchenard also", she evaded. As it was observed that this manager knows the Sarkozi and its secrets, Rachida Dati ruled: "he does not know me, he does not know my secrets. I know his family in all cases. "However"will be with", she concluded, noting that Nicolas Sarkozy had offered to be part of his team. . Main source could be found checking the following

IS trailers in Brussels: terror fear in the EU neighbourhood.

The terrorist organization Islamic State takes Brussels now reportedly reinforced in the visor. According to reports of the Dutch television station NOS by Saturday two people of Turkish nationality were arrested a few weeks ago at the Brussels Zaventem airport, where concrete attack plans against the building of the European Commission in Brussels to the load would be. To its sources, the broadcaster made no information. According to the NOS report if the arrested a man and a woman. You should have been in Syria and otherwise reside in the Netherlands the Hague. The Dutch and the Belgian police had both in Brussels and the Hague searched several apartments -, making sure jihadist literature in Brussels arms, in the Hague. The fear of civil war return has become greater in recent months throughout Europe. Only a few days ago was the Ambassador of Iraq to the Vatican, Habib al-Sadr, stir with the statement, the Islamic State terrorist militia could have the Pope in their sights. Then there was officially unconfirmed reports of increased security measures at St. Peter’s square in Rome. . You can visit this site to discover more on this amazing matter.