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Burkina Faso: Compaore resigned, the army took power.

France, who feared that the chaos settled, immediately hailed the resignation of Burkina Faso president and called for "the rapid holding of democratic elections. Without too much stress on the seizure of power by the military. A few hours more later however, a group of officers, including Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Yacouba Zida, number two of the presidential guard, contradicted Traoré and announced the setting up next ‘new transition body. The resignation of "Blaise" puts an end to a year of creeping tension and two days of riots. The will of the power to amend the Constitution by a vote of Deputies has caused this sweep of the broom. Thursday, expected on election day, the rioters have easily overwhelmed the order service and invaded the National Assembly. Therefore, everything went very fast. The clashes have gained throughout the capital and Bobo Dioulasso, the second city of the country. Slogans are tightened as quickly, from the withdrawal of the Bill at the start of president without condition. The huge crowd again this Friday morning to demand the resignation has little left of choice stainless Compaoré. In 36 hours, the people of Ouagadougou won. . Main facts may be read visiting this fact.

PHOTOS. Redesigned Disney Princesses: morphologies more realistic to criticize the ideal of thinness.

Six Disney princesses in question are Ariel (the Little Mermaid), Pocahontas, Jasmine (Aladdin), Belle (beauty and the beast), Aurora (sleeping beauty) and Elsa (the snow Queen). Thanks to its reconstructions, Toni Brantz wants to give these female characters an image and a more realistic physics, their proportions at the level of the hips are abnormally represented in films. As a woman who loves Disney and who has already raised questions about his body, that is something that I always wanted to comment, especially after seeing the Queen snow, says Toni Brantz HuffPost us. I’m a fan of the movie but I was horrified to see that the design of the main female character criteria have not changed since the 1960s. Historically, the animated film industry has always been dominated by men, and I think that this contributes to the manner in which the graphics have become so extreme in their proportions. The young woman does not fail to point out that the abnormally thin hips of the heroines are almost more than their necks. When it is a child, it does not realize that these images in the media affect us, but that is exactly what they do. (. . . ) The media should seize the opportunity to change the way women are seen and should start taking their responsibilities, said Toni Brantz. Disney and media are not the only ones to have been strongly criticized as the deplorable image of the woman they refer. In 2013, a young American artist called Nicolay Lamm that was after the Barbie doll and had redesigned the body of the famous doll in its own way and according to more realistic and better balanced criteria. From head to feet, passing by the arms and legs, all members of the doll have been logically magnified. If we criticize the skeletal models, it should also consider how Barbie dolls negatively affect girls, he explains to the HuffPost. . Original facts may be studied reading this article.

The Italy confirms the end of Mare Nostrum.

The Italian Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano confirmed Friday the end of the Mare Nostrum operation, which resulted in the rescue of more than 150. 000 migrants in the Mediterranean for a year. Mare Nostrum ends, he said to the press, stating that from Saturday a new European operation this time and called Triton, take over. The Italy has done its duty, he said, specifying that the Rome Government had spent some 114 million euros since the beginning of the year to finance this operation, launched emergency in October 2013 after two shipwrecks having killed more than 400 people near the Italian island of Lampedusa and Malta. Mare nostrum ends, but rescue operations will continue in accordance with the laws of the sea, the Minister said. And, the sea laws stipulate that if called you because there is a danger, you have to intervene, he said. The Italy will not turn back to those threatened by sea, said Meanwhile the Italian Minister of defence Roberta Pinotti. . You must visit the following to learn more on this great matter.

Guardiola before BVB game: Dortmund remains our biggest competitor.

Guardiola expects a strong Borussia Dortmund on Saturday (18 30) despite the Dortmund Bundesliga crisis. Our style of play is great for them. We defend 40 metres before the goalkeeper, they have fast players so Guardiola, who is convinced: tomorrow we’ll see the best performance from them. The Spaniard also referred to that up last League appearances of Dortmund in Munich: in the past four League seasons there were three wins and a draw for Borussia at FC Bayern. Rummenigge had ensured last with his repeated statements to reus displeasure in Dortmund. Reus itself reported on its homepage to Word. Currently, plenty of others will talk about me and my future. There is much speculation and written. I want to take this here briefly as an opportunity to let you know that at the moment other people worry more about my future, as I do, so the 25-year-old. The only what absolutely is true reus wrote further: let us today on the way to Munich, to get points with the BVB. Then it’s hopefully with three points back to Dortmund. . For extended information about this subject read

United States: new medical examinations of soldiers exposed to chemical agents in Iraq.

The U.S. Army will propose new medical exams to soldiers who had been exposed to chemical weapons in Iraq after 2003, according to several Defense officials. At the same time, the Minister of defence, Chuck Hagel, asked the army to shed any light on allegations that these soldiers have been subjected to remain silent on this subject. Mr. Hagel asked the army and army air to ensure that soldiers who had been exposed to chemical weapons in Iraq receive the care and support they need, said Thursday the spokesman for the Pentagon, Rear Admiral John Kirby. The army will offer new medical examinations and follow the evolution of the State of health of these soldiers, said Defense officials. About 20 American soldiers were exposed to chemical weapons dating from the era of Saddam Hussein and some were injured, had said mid-October the Pentagon confirming information from the New York Times. The American newspaper had revealed that at least 17 soldiers had been exposed to mustard gas or nerve agents in Iraq during the American occupation of the country between 2004 and 2011, and prioritizes them had imposed on them from ‘ they had been ordered to shut up. Chuck Hagel said he was concerned by claims that some of these soldiers were ordered not to talk about their potential exposure (to chemical agents) and he would like more clarity on the veracity of these claims, said John Kirby Thursday in a press release. Before the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, president George W. Bush had assured that Baghdad was hiding a weapons of mass destruction programme. Although U.S. forces have never managed to find evidence of the existence of such a program, they nevertheless discovered the remains of a chemical arsenal aging but were often neither trained nor equipped to handle it, according to the Times, quoting officials and veterans, as well as the records of the Government. Following their invasion of the Iraq that led to the fall of Saddam Hussein, the United States regained 5. 000 warheads, shells and bombs filled with chemical agents, but their discovery was kept secret, still claimed the newspaper. Some American veterans who handled these weapons were also asked why they had not decorated with the Medal for soldiers wounded in combat. . You should read this to read extra on this interesting matter.

A day at the Paris Games Week.

11 hours. The host of Fifa 15 does its job with motivation. He shouts, screams and encourages more to reason. "There was no offside, C’mon! Even in moving away from several tens of meters, continue to be heard to shout. 11 h 30. Booth Activision, to test the next Call of Duty, must be brought at the end of the square-shaped tail around the stand.  Count not less than two hours to be able to lay your hands on the pad. In any case, this is what indicates the Panel posed not far from the last of the file. At a turn non-supervised, two young rush below the cord. They are passed. Happy, they avoided at least one hour of tail. In the queue, some not have seen anything. Others frown, grind their teeth but do not uproar. 14 hours. Young people start to run without apparent reason. Runs at a brisk pace in the crowded aisles of the fair, bordering some, downright hustling others. Arrival at the Playstation booth. A father who holds the hand of herndri son in a crowd ompact has the explanation: apparently, Cyprien and Squeezie (another famous youtubeur) arrive. The small Leo is all crazy. Cyprian, known through his videos posted on YouTube for about a year. And today he is a fan. Spending 19 euros in a t-shirt on behalf of his idol. 3:30 pm. There are even more people who are affalent, sometimes on the ground, exhausted, the blank stare, the drop at the front. The heat, the perpetual noise and the countless jostling soon to exhaust even the most daring. Some, with eyes closed, seem on the edge of physical exhaustion. 16 hours. In front, a booth where face off several players on Split Second Velocity, a car game. The speaker motivates troops to shots of more or less well chosen jokes. "The problem of girls, is that when they play one has the impression that they pass the permit. ” At the time, there is one who asked me that it was the key to the flashing light! » 16 h 30. Little shop tour souvenir before the big departure. A Call of Duty at 10 euro bracelet, a Gears of War at 15 euros CAP, Zelda Keychain at 10 euros and Mario t-shirt at 20 euros. It sells really? 4: 45 pm. "Any output is final! Yes thank you, anyway I’ve quite seen. The Paris Games Week, it’s nice but it is grueling. Note for next time: decide in advance what are the games that interest me to draw a path, climb a use of time and avoid to wander for hours without purpose. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is worth a visit. And then we see the games on giant screens, failing to play. Small Council: go ahead between friends, decide in advance what to do and you will spend a very good time. . You must click the following url to discover more regarding this great matter.

Tunisia, who is CARD Became: founder and leader of Nidaa Tounes.

Tunis (Tunisia), 30 Oct. (La Presse)-Beji Caid, 87 years old, Became the leader of a secular party that won the elections in Tunisia, Nidaa Tounes. He held various appointments as Minister under the Presidency of father of the nation Habib Bourguiba (President from 1957 to 1987), driving in different periods, Internal defense and Foreign Affairs. He was speaker of Parliament from 1990 to 1991 under President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. But her figure is set firmly in Tunisian policy framework especially in the period immediately following the jasmine Revolution. After the expulsion of Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia on 14 January 2011 after 23 years in power, the then Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi announced an interim Government of national unity, but remains in Office until February 27 because the protesters consider him too much compromise with the regime and force him to leave the Government. It is at this point that enters the scene, Became that he was chosen as Prime Minister and lead the Country until the early elections, the October 23, 2011. In the 2011 vote won the Islamist Ennhada party, but Tounes Nidaa did not yet exist. The secular party Nidaa Tounes, meaning ‘ the call of Tunisia ‘, was founded by Became in June 2012. It’s a very diverse movement, composed of businessmen, trade unionists and even from many politicians close to former Ben Ali’s regime, which has attracted much criticism. A front of some too large to remain cohesive whole once in power. But for its founders the objective is very clear: to create a secular force which accepts more souls and is capable of counterbalancing the power of Ennahda makes for an alternative. It now became in the running for the Presidency for the elections Tounes Nidaa next November 23. Born in Sidi Bou Said in 1926, Became he studied law in Paris and is a lawyer. Skillful orator, is known for its characteristic of Tunisian proverbs and frequently quote parts of the Koran. Among the most frequent criticisms that are made there is that relating to age, that according to opponents is hardly in keeping with the spirit of the revolution, carried out by young people. Became:. Related information can be found visiting page.

The health agenda study: found genes of sudden death.

This study, which focused on 100 patients, needs to be supported by further work. Nevertheless, its authors point out that the results obtained will allow the identification, through early diagnosis, FLNC mutation carriers and so to support patients as soon as possible. Currently, the diagnosis is often incidental, explains to metronews Dr. Anju Duva-Panov, cardiologist at Lille and member of the French Federation of cardiology. Most often, it is through doctor work or the treating physician that patients are referred to a cardiologist. Worst: some patients discover after a revived sudden death, meaning that they collapsed suddenly and without warning during a workout, but have the chance to be supported soon. From that moment, an active clinical screening, with ECG and cardiac ultrasound, is being implemented, regardless of whether the patient has a mutation. Parents, children, brothers and sisters are also detected, since this disease is hereditary. It is based on the degree of clinical suspicion that genetic testing is oriented. Doctors then seek more listed genes. . You must read the following to read more about this amazing subject.

Gas: Novatek-Total cooperation will be continued.

The Novatek, first Russian private producer of gas group, will continue its cooperation with the new bosses of Total, announced Thursday the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Novatek, Mark Gyetvay.    Everything will remain as before. We continue to work with the new administration of Total, said Mr. Gyetvay during a conference call held by Novatek after the publication of the results of the first nine months of activity of the group in 2014.    Total reported Wednesday that following sanctions imposed by the United States against the Russia, the financing of its joint project with Novatek would be adapted to the new conditions.    The new Director general of the french conglomerate, Patrick Pouyanné, named to the post after the death of Christophe de Margerie, for his part told RIA Novosti that he shared the position of the latter on the Russia and saw no reason to alter the Total relationship with the Russian business community.    Christophe de Margerie died in a plane crash in Vnukovo airport, Moscow. In the night from 20 to 21 October, his private jet collided with a snowplow before crashing and catching fire. All persons on board the aircraft, including the two pilots and a flight attendant, were killed. . Original facts may be read visiting the following resource.

TV series Lilyhammer: Mafioso in the wintering grounds.

Two years after its first broadcast the first season of the black comedy series Lilyhammer is now Arte. Two years that feels himself in the Seriendauerhype so passed on like the games of Lillehammer. Nevertheless, Lilyhammer is exciting: a is the first production of the US Streamingdienstes Netflix, the new competitors by broadcasters and movie studios, which tested the interests of its subscribers to new series with Lilyhammer – before they invested in projects such as House of cards. On the other hand, the series is a kind of unofficial continuation of Sopranos – the TV show so, which established the new Serienhype. Mafioso Frank is played by Steven Van Zandt, in the Sopranos of the strip club owner Silvio. The right hand of the mafia boss Tony Soprano is one of the most important comedy series. Van Zandt is full-time guitarist in Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band, but the Sopranos part-time job he liked so much, that he is involved in Lilyhammer as a producer and screenwriter. . Root source may be studied visiting this