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Gaza conflict: Israel agrees now twelwe ceasefire.

Israel has accepted according to the US now a cease-fire for the Gaza Strip from Saturday morning. Israel has agreed to a twelwe ceasefire from 7 00 watch on Saturday, a US representative from the delegation of Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday evening in Cairo, although it remained open whether this meant local time. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu had informed the US Secretary of State about the consent, haaretz reported. com. Kerry had previously announced to travel, where an International Conference of Foreign Ministers on the Gaza conflict will advise according to French to Paris to further discussions on Saturday. Iran’s President Hassan Ruhani called on the Islamic world to the resistance against Israel. What do the Zionists (Israel) in Gaza, is inhuman, genocide, therefore, the Islamic world must today consistently explain their hatred and resistance against Israel, said the otherwise moderate clerics at the edge of an anti-Israel demonstration in Tehran. The Iran does not recognise Israel and regarded the Government as the root of all problems in the Middle East. . For additional data about this subject visit

Compiègne: walk for peace in Gaza is meticulously organized.

It is tomorrow that should stand the walk for peace in Gaza at the start of the Centre de Rencontres of victory at Compiègne. The procession should leave at 2 p.m. to join the Town Hall. The event, organized by Benjamin Belaïdi, co-Chair of the Development Council for Compiègne, was not banned by the prefecture in respect of freedom of expression and even encouraged by the Senator-Mayor UMP of Compiègne, Philippe Marini. Nevertheless, in the light of the incidents on the sidelines of the Paris events of last weekend, organizer had to ward off possible slippages. The route was modified to avoid the shopping streets and impeding traffic in the city center. Benjamin Belaïdi also ensures that no banner does not convey polemical posts, and application, via the social network Facebook, to have a right of veto on the slogans. Yesterday, Creil to Beauvais for peace in Gaza other events were held. The creillois gathering would not have been free of "some tensions" according to the authorities, noted the organiser on the social network that therefore travelled at Creil police this Friday to take its latest recommendations. . You must check the following to discover extra on this great matter.

Summer holidays: German tourists spend billions abroad.

The wanderlust of the Germans for the holiday season is so great, they remain so limited in choosing their targets. Spain is the most traveled with Mallorca, Tenerife and Fuerteventura. There, vacation and travel leads every eighth vacation trip according to the research community. According to the Spanish Statistics Institute, the Germans are the second largest group, which ensures good business in the tourism of the country to the British. The industry contributes more than 10 percent to the Spanish gross domestic product. Italy, Turkey and Austria behind on the leaderboard of the popular travel destinations Spain years unchanged – together they make up a third of the local market for holiday. A winner of the summer 2014 will be the last of the sovereign debt crisis hit Greece, where it moved 2013 only 2.2 percent of travelers. Hellas remains but far away from the crack in the top flight. 30 percent of Germans without the travel abroad, however. They stay at home and relax primarily along the coasts of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg in Bavaria. . For more insights about this matter check url.

+++ Germany ticker +++ – young street abused – looking for offenders.

11 37 pm: Iphofen – the Hexenwahn francs devoted to an exhibition in the Knauf Museum in Iphofen. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the authorities made hunting on supposed witches and Druden, the region was one of the centres of the persecution. At least 3,000 people were killed in Swiss francs, it is in the catalogue of the exhibition. The show is open from this Sunday for the audience and among other things the story of 18 victims of the hunt. Also torture tools can be seen, more exhibits portray the superstition of the time and the notions of witchcraft. 11 31 am: Klettwitz – mud, mud, sweat: the second edition of the extreme run tough Makhoba at the Lausitzring in South Brandenburg participants are expected at this weekend 10 000. Gehts los on Saturday – then the runners have to overcome high walls, swimming through freezing water and seals in particular through lots of mud. The extreme race on the circuit in Klettwitz (Oberspreewald-Lausitz) is the prelude to a nationwide total of five tough Mudder events this year. It aims to go in the team at its borders and to overcome them. 10 23: 00: Cottbus – police in Brandenburg are looking for an unknown who has sexually abused a ten on the open road and in broad daylight. He should have pressed the boy who was on April 12 against 10 45 am in Cottbus on the way back from shopping, to the wall and then have passed on him.  The wanted is approximately 1.80 slim, tall, about 30 years old, has black hair and bright points in the hairstyle. He wore a dark, scruffy work jacket and speak a dialect of Brandenburg. . Root data can be read reading this

Syria: more than 60 deaths in the fighting between army and jihadists.

ttaAu least 62 people, mostly fighters, were killed in clashes between for 24 hours the Syrian army to the jihadists of the Islamic State (EI) in the North of the country, according to the Syrian Observatory of the rights of man (OSDH). Thursday, the ultra-radical group launched attacks concomitant in the provinces of (Northern) Raqa’i, Hasakah (northeast) and Aleppo (North), with the OSDH which relies on an extensive network of civilian, military and medical sources. It’s the first confrontation of this magnitude between the IC and the regime, who fight both against the rebels fighting for three years to overthrow president Bachar al-Assad. The EIS, which announced late June the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate between the Syria and the Iraq, control large areas in these two countries and seeks to extend its hegemony. In the province of Hasakah, at least 21 jihadists of the EIS were killed Thursday in a suicide attack, fighting and the bombing of the army, according to the OSDH. In the eponymous city, four suicide bombers conducted a suicide attack inside the headquarters of the Baath party to power, followed by clashes inside the building. Twelve people, including members of the Baath party and guards of the building, were killed. Among the dead was a Baathist officer who was beheaded by a sharp instrument, said the OSDH. To the South of the city, 11 soldiers were killed in an attack by the IC against a regiment. The army shelled the attackers and another heading of the EIS, killing 17 jihadists, according the OSDH. The bombardments of the army have set back the EIS on the night of Thursday to Friday, says Rami Abdel Rahmane, Director of the OSDH. In the province of Raqqah, dominated by the IC but where the regime retains three positions, fighting between the two sides continued into the night on the outskirts of division 17 of the army, attacked Thursday by two suicide bombers, including a Saudi. At least six soldiers, including one officer, were beheaded and eight jihadists were killed, says the OSDH. On Twitter, the EIS announced Thursday the launch of operations blessed against division 17 before publishing photos of six decapitated bodies. The EIS wants + clean + province of the presence of the army, according to Mr. Abdel Rahmane. Near Aleppo, fighting stopped between the IC and the army on the outskirts of the airport of Koueiris, after an attack by jihadis Thursday. The Syrian conflict becomes increasingly complex with a new split of the fronts. The EIS fought the regime, the rebels, rival jihadists of al-Dhanub as well as the Kurdish autonomist Front. In addition, a new front opened recently between the rebels and their ex-allies of al-Dhanub. . For extra facts on this subject visit

A presentation, a search and a reunion.

For starters, it is the moment of the presentation n of Mathieu, that comes with the very clear idea. HPLC sima. I’m a versatile player, but I feel I m s c mode now as central. I come here to play central. But the technical t decides to manifest, at the time that trust that takes a month and a half talking to l. He told me that he had me ah. It has given me confidence, I’m happy. I’m going to medicine, remach devolv. With his arrival, the Barcelona maintains its summer of extravagance. It has invested 145 million euros in contracts between Ter Stegen (12), Claudio Bravo (12), Rakitic (18 m/s two), Luis your rez (81) and Mathieu (20). For the life of the citizen who has problems, our numbers n are out of proportion. In the activity of the f football, it is normal and correct. Within the business plan that ten masters to redo the template are very well, in a situation which is good, is where quer masters be, results, Andoni Zubizarreta, who knows that his work is regarded with microscope, not with magnifying glass. I understand the need to be in Barcelona from the first d to. Yet to me demanding and whistle [as happened to a group of fans in the session of photos of the new player], but I’m in the best club in the world, s d nde come and demand is at that level. Not me gu or by the cr ticas, resume, aware that there are decisions for taking to strengthen the group. Because not finish ah cap tulo’s movements on the template. . You can check this to discover more about this interesting matter.

Dropping salaries, sales of tickets in berne: the Metropolitan Opera in crisis.

Wage reductions envisaged, sales of tickets down, bad reviews and threats to strike: the venerable Metropolitan Opera of New York through its worst crisis for 30 years. The Met is the opera the richest in the world with its budget of more than $ 327 million, much higher than those of its European counterparts. But this does not prevent the atmosphere to be execrable between staff and the general manager Peter Gelb. In office for eight years, it has proposed a 16% wage decrease, but staff is very reassembled and the start of the season could be disrupted. If no exit door is found by July 31 on wages, representing just under two-thirds ($200 million) spending in the annual budget, the Met has threatened to let its employees at the door for the first time since 1980. Thus, Peter Gelb told the Wall Street Journal that employees should expect to find door close and no longer be paid from 1 August. Expenditures Met increased while at the same time ticket sales have declined the past four seasons. The leaders of the opera take so to act now to avoid having to file for bankruptcy, as have done second largest opera of the city, the New York City Opera, beginning last October. The Metropolitan Opera is facing one of its biggest financial challenges since its creation 131 years ago, said a spokesman to AFP. Donors can no longer or no longer wish to continue to fund the gap between revenues and expenditures in constant increase. Unlike Europe, where numerous cultural institutions survive thanks to public subsidies, U.S. money comes mostly from donors – modest or wealthy – and from the sale of tickets and other derivatives. -’ Vicious circle’ – the musicians unions respond that the decline in attendance is the result of bad programming orchestrated by Peter Gelb, and is not due to the decline of the interest of the spectators to an elitist art form. According to them the wages decrease proposed is unfair. We are really fighting for artistic survival Met, says Jessica Phillips Rieske clarinetist, noting that morale was low among musicians because of the recent bad reviews. The Director wants a decrease of 16% of salaries from 1 August which would allow savings of $ 30 million, but the employees feel that in reality they will face a decline of 25 to 37% of their revenues. Musicians say they already are in a delicate situation, because they work 30% higher than any other Orchestra in the United States for a poorer quality of life, New York is a very expensive city. They would like that the Met saves $ 20 million by ordering one or two productions less per year and reducing repeat times. Peter Gelb, artistic director and general manager began his career at the Met with more success. He also managed beautiful operations with live broadcasts of several productions of the opera in movie theaters, but his recent shows have slammed by critics and ticket sales have declined: 92% of the seats were sold between 2007 and 2009, compared with only 79% in 2012-2013. The trombone player Weston Sprott says that Mr. Gelb spends $ 1 million extra by production cost prior to his arrival, and that it could save millions by reducing costs. It is a vicious circle: you have productions that are more expensive and which fined bad reviews. You pay more for lower income, it is difficult to sell, he laments. We want to see innovation, enthusiasm and growth on the part of our leadership, and transform bad productions in good productions. It’s like it we will save the Met, step by lowering wages, finds another musician who did not want to give his name. . Similar data can be found reading

Tour de France, Nibali master of the Pyrenees. Majka grants the bis.

SAINT-LARY SOULAN-the urge to venture, the pride of wanting to put the yellow Jersey ahead of all rivals in Paris. Vincenzo Nibali administers not being not at the window watching Pinot and Bardet you Peck as a henhouse cockerels. Could do it, but Valverde lose ground, ‘ les enfants ‘ does not hold. And then the shark bites, captures another gem: 14 days in yellow, as Gastone Nencini. Among many emerging, the only French who holds the wheel is the old Peraud, but this is relative. The absolute is yet another body blow to a Tour lived longer by tyrant who dominates. Just missing the stage victory, but considered the tactical games a step of this kind, it is a detail. Rafa-Encore comes Majka, and Polish of the Tinkoff-extraordinary team reaction after Contador’s package-it is the second career success, and both in the Tour. Majka consolidates the leader’s Jersey of the mountain, and those are the only tiny dots neo to a day that Sicily would be legendary. Giovanni Visconti, another island in the group, almost repeating the feat of last year’s Tour on the Galibier. The energies are nicer, but the second place on a day like this is luxury stuff.   Therefore the second Pyrenean does not betray. It is the most difficult stage of the Tour. Col du Portillon, between Peyresourde, Val Louron-Azet Hors Categorie finish to Saint-Lary Soulan in the last 75 km there are 40 up very often. To this must be added a fix in addition: it is a stage of just 123 km length, which can be very disgusting when there is unevenness. It teaches that almost infallible teacher that is the history of cycling: in 1982, a hamlet of just 85 miles with arrival in Montecampione, Bernard Hinault Silvano Contini shooting a ride that just 24 hours earlier looked wrecked. And there is history galore along the route of the Pyrenees. It starts from Saint Gaudens: Louison Bobet in 1955 from here moved to his third consecutive Tour, then absolute primacy. But even the arrival is not trivial. Suffice it to say that the first time the Tour we came, the Lord according to Raymond Poulidor, now his former club won its sixth and last leg in the Grande Boucle, creating problems nothing less than to Eddy Merckx. Translated: if it has hurt the Cannibal, the ascent can deal with anyone. Tactically the race develops in areas, but relentlessly. Just think of the 53 miles of media unleashed on the Plains. Many attackers. There are those who try to win the stage like Visconti or that Vasil Kiriyenka specialist in tapponi, but this time without petrol when needed. There are those who fight for the polka dot Jersey and beyond (Rodriguez and Majka), who fight to the finish (Mollema, van den Broeck, Frank Schleck). In addition, there is the question mark, Jakub Fuglsang, Vincenzo Nibali man allowed to temporarily leave the Commons of the captain: the answer comes soon, in fact the Danish when the game gets serious just can’t anymore, nor as a striker or as a point of support. The 64th onslaught of history at Peyresourde highlights the willingness of Alejandro Valverde offensive: the Movistar Asturian never fail to participate in actions that movimentino the situation. Col de Val Louron-Azet comes the first real big group selection. The FDJ. fr for Pinot, the AG2R for Bardet, force a lot. The result is that Nibali is one Lieutenant, Kangert. On the hairpin curves of the descent that follows, Bardet anticipates and goes back to the podium. Nibali actually cares more for a curve taken ill that provides all a long shudder, while Pinot, called upon to react to the friend-enemy, view those downward limits that make up its Achilles heel. To -9 the first place. Visconti square his strengths: sprinting, not trying to surprise Roche, Rolland, Amaël-tread with him-suddenly, but li off starting from the first position. It would seem the right action, it would be if there were no Majka and. , Meanwhile behind Nibali breaks the ADO, shows its superiority. Valverde appears to go adrift but with class defends second place, while between Pinot and now you go on Bardet thread of seconds. In short, tight fight for the podium, but not for the top step. Paris nears. . For more facts regarding this topic check page.

November 23, 2000: general Paul Aussaresses admitted the tortures of the Algeria war.

At the time of the world article is out, I was not yet entered completely in the life of Paul. He was still married. We saw, him and me, about once every two months and talked about much. It is you who have led him to talk about the war in Algeria, but the Algeria was ultimately very little in his life: it lasted only three months and it has relatively little interested in. He was a hero of World War II and Indochina. There much more memories of these episodes. The impact has been enormous. Paul was invited everywhere by radio stations and television channels. We wanted him to say that he regretted having practiced torture and summary executions. He refused. What he wanted was the truth. There are two kinds of lies in history: the pure and simple denial. And another, more perverse: the historic retraction of the context, which allows the suffocation of truth. My husband, by restoring the truth, has caused an outcry, particularly in the army! Some have not forgiven him to say what he had done in Algeria, and what they had done, because it was far from being the only,. After November 2000, there were lots of other articles on him in the world. On a page entitled "the general and his muse" [the world of February 5, 2008], talking about his favorite cat, Ossola! It them has annoyed, all these old generals charm, that we furnish my husband to honor and her cat! Only one thing really struck Paul: the fact that president Chirac has degraded him its legion of honor [in 2005]. Paul therefore was punished not for what he had done but for what he said! He has never understood, and me not plus. Since finally his Legion of honor, it had received for being a hero of the free France. I also still have a letter of general de Gaulle, dated August 20, 1945, which salutes the "boldness and bravery" of Paul and speaks of him as a "wonderful officer. At the end of his life, my husband became a bit indifferent to everything. Parachute friends often tell me that I should represent him and defend his memory. But I tell myself: what good? The war of Algeria today more interested many people. If still the official France had recognized in turn what happened,. But it has still not done. I regret this. Paul also regretted.  » . You should read this to discover extra about this great matter.

The world has benefited the Fifa game publisher.

Frontal with Call of Dutyn’ will not take place. During the presentation of its quarterly results, the American publisher Electronic Arts (EA) announced having decided to push for several months the release of the new album of his war game, Battlefield Hardline. Planned originally for October 26, or a few days after the release of Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, the title of the DICE studio will finally be released during the first quarter 2015. What allow time for developers to refine the game and avoid a direct confrontation with the rival franchise. The opportunity also to circumvent the very busy year 2014 end, where the linear of shops will collapse under new. EA has also decided to postpone a few weeks of its role-playing game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, whose output has been shifted to November 21. These ads were not particularly moved investors, more interested by the very good results of EA this quarter. Between April and June, the American publisher grossed $ 775 million, an increase of 57% compared to the same period last year. It is 11% more than what was hoped for. Net profits are also on the rise, with $ 61 million of profits, compared with a loss of 121 million last year. «Ultimate Team» modes are present in all EA sports games. More he wins games, more the player collects credits to acquire virtual players football or basketball over increasingly powerful. Free, this game mode allows however to buy directly, through a credit card, credits and thus go faster in the game. A financial windfall for EA, which declares a turnover on this quarter’s 211 million (+ 19%) for the whole of the additional downloadable content of its games for consoles and PC. This includes the Ultimate Team mode, but also the purchase of extensions for Battlefield 4 or Titanfall. The mobile game is no slouch with a turnover of 120 million dollars (+ 18%) generated by tracks the Simpsons: Springfield, Real Racing 3 or versions for smartphone of Fifa and the Sims. In total, dematerialised, on consoles, PC or mobile content, reported $ 482 million, or 60% of the quarterly turnover of EA. These data reflect the strategy of the Publisher, who decided to bet very early on the cloud game. "There saw what has happened with the industry of music. She refused to change the to Internet time. But others took things in hand, as Steve Jobs with iTunes or the Spotify Swedish and led the revolution of dematerialization, explained in June in the Figaro Peter Moore, the Chief Financial Officer of EA. "The same thing will eventually happen in the sphere of the video game. Our industry must pay attention to all these changes. . Root data may be found visiting the following