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PHOTOS. United States: a historic snowstorm made at least eight dead in the Northeast.

United States – A severe snowstorm made at least eight dead in the northeast of the United States, including six in the Buffalo area, creating chaos on the roads with cars and buses blocked by snow and thousands of Americans without electricity. The Governor of the State of New York Andrew Cuomo has declared a State of emergency in a dozen counties in his State, appealed to the National Guard, and warned Wednesday, November 19, the population. If you are in an area affected by the storm, do not take the road. There will be more snow, he said. More than 1.5 m of snow fell in 24 hours in some places, and the snow was to resume Wednesday. According to local authorities, the most affected sectors could in three days save nearly 1.80 m of snow, as much as what it usually breaks a year. Some residents reported being unable to leave home, publishing on Twitter’s awesome photos. It’s incredible that some of these roofs are still in tact. #LakeEffect #BuffaloSnow co/iQBpgmoJoS pic. Twitter. com/nAzIgIeVO3 you shouldn’t be on the roads, unless you are part of the relief, insisted the head of Erie County, Mark Poloncarz, announcing in a press conference Wednesday a sixth death due to the snowstorm. Four people died apparently of heart attacks in shoveling, a fifth was crushed while she was gone to help clear a vehicle, and a 46-year-old man was found dead in his car completely covered by snow. The other two deaths were reported in New Hampshire and Michigan. Many schools and shops remained closed Wednesday, and non-essential staff of local administrations were asked to stay at home, in the counties where the State of emergency has been declared. Wednesday, Governor Cuomo also clarified that 9537 residents of the State of New York were without power. . You can click this to read extra on this great subject.

Red Red Green coalition in Thuringia: macabre.

It is the bitter irony of this commemorative year that after the fall of the wall the successor to the SED in Thuringia may do a quarter of a century, what has failed them in the GDR. The coalition with the SPD and Greens under the leadership of the party is their greatest triumph. If you read these two sentences, the Federal shipping left standing will be rolling again once violently with the eyes. Is now threatening the end of the world? Communism? Stasi? No, but a look at the program of the left party should anyone make it clear: this is a party that wants to enforce in socialism and the planned economy on the ominous "third way", so through democratic means, the March. The market economy, even though she may be so social, had abdicated, and the freedom would subordinate the interests of a party. The unification of a left-wing party, the SPD and the Greens on a coalition in Thuringia is not even create all in Thuringia, Germany. The Alliance on this point do not differ from other government investments of the left party in East Germany, has long been associated with political everyday life of in Germany. Not be nationalized the banks, companies will party controlled and controlled, still a socialism with a human face is introduced here, as it calls for the left party. Also Germany’s foreign policy not in isolation are pacifist who will flee themselves. Land policy for short jumps, and SPD and Greens had that neither a majority of their members in their groups. Bodo Ramelow could pack on December 5, when he wanted to be elected in Erfurt to the first Prime Minister of the left party. . Original data could be read clicking this resource.

Scholars consider the word ‘order ‘.

"The word notes of the thing as its most common function and its banal aspect", said the philosopher Bergson, predictable in his essay on the language and the simplification of the world. At a time where the ‘selfie’ and his friend the "hashtag" fall into the French language, the word of the year elected by Oxford dictionaries is no exception to the rule. The word of the year of the Oxford dictionaries means a word or an expression "that has been the subject of great interest in the course of the past year". Since the practice of the electronic cigarette and its specialty shops bloom more and more in France, for Erik Orsenna "the use of the word"order"is a new reality. Novelist and french academician insists on the fact that it is important to "appoint these realities, otherwise the language locks himself in the past then it must remain alive". . For more insights regarding this subject check website.

Bill Gates donates $ 5.7 million for studies on serum recovered from Ebola.

Rome, nov 19. (Reuters Health)-The victory over the Ebola virus through the blood of people who have successfully fought the disease. To bet on the ‘ healed ‘ sera is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has donated $ 5.7 million to a program aimed at increasing the production of experimental anti-Ebola treatment for African countries affected. The program will focus on treatments derived from the blood of patients survived the virus. The Foundation explained that the funding will also be used to evaluate several new experimental treatments against the epidemic that has so far killed over 5 mile people. At the moment there are still medications or authorised vaccines against Ebola, although the who and doctors without borders have recently announced the launch of some trial in Africa for December. For its part the Foundation led by former Microsoft boss explained that will work with some private partners to develop treatments from convalescent plasma, using donated blood from survivors. In fact, this plasma contains antibodies already ‘ trained ‘ to fight the disease, which would be isolated and injected directly into patients. The blood could be returned to the donor, thus allowing quick donations. According to Papa Salif Sow, an expert on infectious diseases who works with the Foundation, the program could allow to identify and develop potential lifesaving treatment quickly, like told the Bbc online. . Main data may be studied reading this url.

Where unemployment is high, Twitter users are more likely.

Learn the research of r social networks. At the way of the social portrait of France dress by Insee on Wednesday, an investigation you r recent draws in the Spain. Except that it was r e alis via Twitter. The rate of employment is low in a city, more there are twittos, r v the this study published on November 13. Explanations. He and his colleagues have analys 145 million tweets g olocalis s in Spain publi s by 570,000 users between November 2012 and June 2013. Data are enti slightly public, accessible via the Twitter API. They d deduce a corr correlation between mage ch and use of social networks, Twitter t r te. Finally, this work has shown that Twitter members over spelling mistakes in the areas o r ch unemployment rate of lev. Caution, however, do step ter interpr this fact wrong: this could equally come that the ch die would do more misspellings than the others, that a population as a whole (active and non) would write less well o the employment rate is low. � . You should check this to learn extra about this great topic.

JERUSALEM. WE are hurtling into the dimension of fanaticism and irrationality, we are now on the brink of the abyss. The pain is palpable in the words of David Grossman, the Israeli author, voice of a generation that the dream of peace in the Holy land has never stopped believing, now no longer can see that hope. The conflict we are experiencing has made a step back in time, it is increasingly more brutal and savage. The same weapons used to slaughter, knives and hatchets, testify to a tribal war. Ever so far the bloody terror had passed the sacred doors of a synagogue. A massacre that leaves appalled and. , A deep sorrow and anger mingle for the murder of innocent people, the moment of prayer in the morning, hit at random, blindly, just because they were Israelis and Jews. But also feel a great frustration in seeing, day after day, new victims on both sides. Killed, wounded or kidnapped in invested this vicious circle of violence and hate, which involves in its spiral more and more people and that is turning from political conflict, which perhaps has still some small chance of being solved, in religious conflict, fundamentalist and irrational and primordial accordingly. Conflicts of this kind, by their very nature, continue for a long time and are very difficult solution. Over the years various people and organizations, both Israeli Palestinians have tried almost desperate to get to a solution of the conflict, while still in its political stage: the idea behind this immense effort was that we could not allow that resulted in irrationality and fundamentalism. The Holy City for the three religions is the symbol of this storm?What we see today in Jerusalem, day to day and almost time for now, is a dangerous fall in the size of fanaticism and irrationality. It will be so much harder now that seek a solution of the conflict and perhaps this should be the reason and the push for leaders of the two Nations to act quickly and with maximum power, beginning a process of dialogue between them, rather than squabble afterwards and blame themselves to each other, encouraging even more hatred. There is the risk of a contagion with other crises in the region?Sure, and it shows how extremism barbaro came from Is, which introduced operating mode of the type that we saw today-people being killed with blows of takes, so really beastly-are infiltrating in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was almost possible to predict that would happen, because ours is a situation so unsettled, so charged with emotion, that when you make a certain modus operandi in our immediate vicinity, local fanatics take immediately. I can therefore tell you I feel the same disgust and dismay I felt 20 years ago, when in February 1994, Baruch Goldstein murdered 29 Muslim worshippers in Hebron in the tomb of the Patriarchs mosque. Besides the obvious responsibility of the two suicide bombers, she believes that there are also political responsibility in what happened?Yes, I believe that a great responsibility for these killings, on the one hand and on the other hand, weights on the shoulders of those who have done virtually nothing to change the situation, or, at best, have done very little: those who speak only the language of force, those who do nothing but grow full of hatred between the two peopleswho, ultimately, a priori and despair lead to despair their people, denying any possibility of reaching an agreement. They condemn their compatriots to actions dictated by nihilism and hatred. Nor Abu Mazen and Netanyahu are responsible for the chain of assassinations of recent times and certainly neither has taken them, but their inaction and their lack of effort leads to this situation. The very fact that for many months, not to mention the past 47 years, were not made serious attempts to resolve the situation leads to an escalation of the same. Is the first enemy opposition for resolving the crisis and Palestine?Yes, instead of going forward, to look for new avenues of dialogue, to remove every obstacle to reach points of agreement and of these there are several species, we see these days, as the conflict in which we find ourselves plunges back in time, it becomes more and more brutal, more and more wild. Use the same weapons, knives and hatchets, evidenced by the return to a tribal war. The leaders of the two Nations, when it was still possible to avoid all this, did nothing. I have made every mistake possible, used every possible excuse not to speak and not to arrive at a compromise. And so I am afraid that now, all of us will face a very difficult period. Is coming a third Intifada?From someone who was born here and lived here for many years, I know very well the mechanisms of violence, how easy it is and how difficult it is to scatenarla quietarla. The Jewish tradition, as he repeated the Chief Rabbi of Israel, prohibits Jews the ascent to the Temple Mount, where today there are mosques. According to this tradition, which is not a State law, but a religious obligation accepted by the Jews from every generation since the destruction of the Temple in 70 a.d., they came to create a status quo that was respected even by the Governments of the State of Israel. Ariel Sharon, with his provocative walk in 2000, sparked the second Intifada. Today we see that right-wing politicians again climb onto the Esplanade, in precise aim to create a provocation. It’s a warlike attitude, irresponsible and dangerous, which can only aggravate a situation already explosive and take us to the brink of the precipice.   . Additional data can be found reading

The CEO has resigned this evening from the Office and all other offices covered in the group over a inform the company In talks, but the background is all in the announced by the airline. According to what has been learned, in fact, Akfed Fund of Prince Aga Khan, would be on the line of the carrier’s reorganization. Scaramella wanted to press ahead with the restructuring and investment to revive the company, studied in the business plan he put in black and white with various step. After the restoration with the project of the former For the revival through an injection of fresh cash, at least a few tens of millions of euros, in order to ensure the future and the development of the second Italian airline. Money, without second thoughts, will not come unless reduced extent. The substance has produced a final divorce between resulted in between the two. Confirmed, however, as President Mark Rigotti. In place of Sachin with the title of executive vice President will be joined by two consultants,-listed as his right-hand man-for economic and financial management, and specialized in aircraft acquisition and divestitures. The BOD has then completed the tasks respectively Accountable manager appointing Meridiana fly and Air Italy. It will now have to deal with on redundancies and pursue the restructuring: the Board has fully confirmed the mobility procedure, reaffirming the mandate to reduce costs, the recovery of competitiveness and financial stability. The table was reopened Tuesday to Olbia with maintenance, resuming next Monday with the pilots and flight attendants. Closes the manager leaves the post after almost two years in the midst of a dispute in which the company committed itself to deal with the ‘ red ‘ budgets. His admirers credit him from 120 million in 2012 to about 50 estimated in 2014. An obstacle course and a strong exposure in recent months have earned him threats and harsh intimidation. . You should click this to discover more regarding this great topic.

Working the weekend: the most relevant categories for 25 years.

It appears in fact that, since 1986, employed and self-employed work relatively more often this weekend. While the executives and representatives of the liberal professions are less likely to do so. It is one of the teaching of the social portrait 2014 of the French, latest study by Insee more widely on their remuneration, habits etc.  published Wednesday morning. In 1986, work at least one hour on Saturday or Sunday concerned mainly the independent on one hand and the executives and liberal professions another. More than a third of the members of each of these two categories was. But if these are now only 21%, the independent them, have seen their troops work more often these days.  More than half of them do so in 2010. Among employees in the proportion of workers of the weekend has increased by 4 points to 29%. It is the lowest in the intermediate professions and workers where it does not reach the 20%. Unfortunately, this study did not details the specific distribution of the categories working on Sunday. Not surprisingly, for all, the weekend is less devoted to read, go out, do the cleaning, or even to dream the nose to the wind. And many more to stare at a screen. Computers and television absorb on average 40 minutes of our time more on weekdays and Saturday, and a little more than 35 on Sunday.  Overall, it is the the only occupation only advancing so far, with work and routes which are linked. Finally, the said time of sociability increased Saturday but fell Sunday. Periods of sleep. Indeed, it reduces the Sunday of more than 10 minutes on average, while it increases on Saturday more than 15 minutes. Finally, it should be noted that the French sleep more these two days, especially when they work during the week. The assets and recover an hour sleep over the weekend, while that retired and inactive not grant themselves on average only a quarter of an hour. . You must check the following to read more on this great topic.

Assembly: last battles on the map of regions.

A final adoption before Christmas MEPs should also complete Wednesday the second reading of this text, which also plans to push the regional from March to December 2015. Two days later, deputies and senators will attempt to find a compromise in the joint mixed Committee. (Likely) failure, the text rebounds for a new reading in the Assembly and then in the Senate before a final adoption before Christmas by the Assembly, which has the last word. It will be time to discuss the second part of the reform, which will strengthen the skills of these regions and communes Department at the expense of the departments, however, the deletion is more considered by the Government. New episode in the soap opera of the map of regions. MEPs resumed Tuesday, in second reading, the puzzle very discussed the territorial reform with a map to 13 regions which should no longer move. But the disgruntled elect of cutting will try once again to influence map by ‘regional’ amendments that pass through the political groups. Proof of this is, on 200 amendments that should begin to be discussed in the evening in the Chamber, 60 focus again on the first article of the text, which redraws the current 22 regions of metropolitan and has already known number of rewrites. Review of thorny issues.  The Socialists of the Nord Department will thus seek to undo the merger of Calais with Picardy, that vigorously challenges the Mayor of Lille Martine Aubry taking example on Britain, which has managed to remain single, of Alsace, mainly UMP deputies, take turns particularly strong opposition at home to a large area with the Lorraine and Champagne-Ardennes. To be able to transfer a day Loire-Atlantique of Pays de la Loire in Brittany, Breton deputies, all trends together, will seek to soften the "right of option", this mechanism intended to allow a Department to change region once the new map in force in 2016. In the current version, the agreement of each of the two regional councils concerned, as well as the Department, shall be given by a majority of three-fifths. . For extended on this matter visit

Violence against women: for Italian on 1 3 if in the House is a private thing.

For an Italian on three domestic violence against women is a private fact to be resolved within the family, for one out of 5 it is acceptable to denigrate a woman with a sexual that banter, one in 10 thinks that if women are not to wear provocative clothing does not suffer violence and one on 4 believes that if a woman remains with the husband who beats herbecomes herself guilty. This is the bleak picture that emerges from the report Shocking pink. Violence, stereotypes ,. and other matters of this kind, made by Intervita with Ipsos and presented to the Chamber in the presence of President Laura Boldrini. In Italy every three days a woman is killed by partners-in the report it should be noted that despite the new law against feminicide launched a year ago, Italy every three days a woman is killed by the partner, the former or a family member. Of those who suffer violence, only 7.2% reported the incident. In one year more than one million women ends in the network of male abuse, that are repeated several times to shameful figure of 14 million acts of violence (from slap to rape). More than 25 cases a day of stalking. According to the calculations of Interv, however, there is an increased investment in prevention, passing from euro 6.3 million of 2012 to 16.1 million euros in 2013. An Italy stops at clichés-Ipsos survey contained in the report emerges an Italy stops to cliches, particularly in relation to male-female relationships. If on the one hand, in fact, 85% of the sample believed that men should take care of the household chores, that education is important regardless of gender and family guide is not the exclusive prerogative of men, on the other, the data show the persistence of stereotyped images of women, particularly as regards the marriage (considered to be the dream of all women for about 1 to 2 man)the family (for almost 7 respondents in 10 is easier for a woman to make sacrifices), the home and the children (interviewed on 3 1 believes that motherhood is the only experience that allows a woman to be carried out completely). For almost 6 Italians on 10, moreover, is almost normal use a beautiful woman’s body for commercial purposes. Even die-hard stereotypes between women-But not stereotypes are hard to die alone among men: is shocking to see, from the poll, which as much as 61% of surveyed believes that what happens in a couple should not affect others, the 79 percent that if a man is betrayed is normal that could turn violent, the 77% that if sometimes men become violent is too love and 78% that to avoid suffer violence women should not wear provocative clothes. Fortunately, the 86% think that if a woman is beaten by her husband, should leave. . Additional facts can be read clicking page.