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Ebola alert in West Africa. MSF: “Virus out of control”.

The has been called the most serious outbreak of ebola in the history and the risk is that it can cause thousands of deaths throughout the Afriva. From two days Liberia is in a State of alarm: closed borders, the Government has banned the gatherings in public places and quarantine status announced in some areas of the country in an attempt to prevent the disease spreads everywhere. But it is West Africa to be travolta: since the beginning of the year were 670 dead while more than 1200 cases. The epidemic, which began from Guinea, quickly arrived in Liberia and Sierra Leone, while suspects who have reached also the Nigeria are seri: to arouse alarm is the suspicious death of a citizen in Lagos, the largest city of the country. The fact that ebola may have also reached Nigeria concern throughout the region, but not only. The International Civil Aviation Authority announced new controls for the flights departing from areas at risk and the EU decided the appropriation of other 2 million euros in a bid to stem the crisis in the developed world worries especially the United Kingdom. Among the victims died as a result of the contagion, there are also numerous doctors. In Liberia, for example, lost his life Samuel Brisbane Crick, doctor who contracted the virus by taking care of patients at the John f. Kennedy memorial medical center in Monrovia. Always in Liberia are quarantined two u.s. citizens: Kent Brantly, 33-year-old doctor of Samaritan’s Purse, and Nancy Writebol, a missionary Serving in mission. In Sierra Leone died on doctor 39enne Sheik Umar Khan, an expert in hemorrhagic fevers 20-fold. Besides he also three nurses lost their lives. To launch the most serious alarm was doctors without borders that ebola epidemic "this is unprecedented, absolutely out of control and the situation does not get worse, so it is again extending. If the situation does not improve quickly enough, there is the real risk of seeing new countries affected ". The situation is therefore worrying: no virus nor cure nor vaccine and manifests as high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue and sometimes bleeding: the mortality rate is 90 percent. . You can read the following info to discover extra on this great topic.

Round birthday – pop star Helene Fischer is 30.

Is not only the German soccer national team: pop star Helene Fischer is a phenomenon. Jogi of Löws of boys has agreed a "breathlessly through the night" on the games of the World Cup in Brazil they with their song. And it was after the winning finale at the ceremony in Berlin, where she to wrote one line of their hits for the spectacle: "Feel what makes football with us". On August 5, the singer is 30 years old. Singer is a little short this: she is a singer, dancer, Acrobat, actress and television presenter in a person.   Not everyone may like their songs, but where you like them, are men or women, or abroad in millions society – whether young or old. Their music changed as well since the start of her career as her appearance. "And tomorrow morning I kiss you awake" from the first album "from here to infinity" (2005) sounds like classic hits, "Breathless" on the album "Colours" by 2013 more like German pop. And while Helene Fischer previously appeared in long dresses, she shows much more skin. Like compared to Andrea Berg.   Helene Fischer in Krasnoyarsk in Siberia was born on August 5, 1984. "I’m wearing a Russian soul in me," she said of the Swiss daily newspaper "Look" 2011. Four years later, she moved with her family in the Rhenish-Hessian Wöllstein. "This was an ordinary family that was here very well integrated," says local mayor Lucia Müller (CDU).  Verbandsgemeinde mayor Gerd rocker (SPD) would be: "We are proud of them." He would like to bring them to the concert there. There were private contacts to the uncle.   With their latest album, the singer keeps for weeks in the charts. In the NDR talk show known in March: "I know even not how long this phase lasts. I’m just enjoying it. "This year, she hosted the music award echo and claimed a earned him two awards: album of the year, most successful Schlager."   Almost everyone thinks to know Helene Fischer. It is present in shows and magazines. And yet unapproachable. You protects from itself as it is still possible for their reputation. A portrait of them would be incomplete, if not the name Florian Silbereisen. The man, together with which it is since 2008. The man considered how multi-talented. The man, the it the song "would be today ‘ my last day" dedicated, as she revealed in "Look" even 2011. "Every bedtime we call", "Image" said 2012.   . You must read this to learn more regarding this great matter.

Tennis: Nadal fears for US open participation.

Tennis, US Open: Rafael Nadal must fear to participate in the U.S. open. The Spanish lost second stroked his start at the masters tennis tournaments in Toronto due to an injury to his right wrist (on Monday) and Cincinnati (from August 11). Unfortunately I injured myself yesterday (on Tuesday, note) in the training. The medical investigations, at least for two to three weeks that I can deny any tournaments, Nadal said U.S. open, which will start on August 25 but at the same time optimistic expressed with regard to a participation in the. Two years ago, the Spaniard missed the fourth Grand Slam tournament of the tennis year due to a knee injury. This season, Nadal won the French Open four tournaments, including for the ninth time. He played his last game on July 1 at Wimbledon when he lost in the fourth round, Nick Kyrgios surprisingly against the 19 year old Australian. Tennis, results: Andrea Petkovic German tennis player has reached the quarter-finals at the WTA tournament in Stanford in the United States. She won Wednesday night (local time) with a 6-2, 6-2 against the only 16-year-old Japanese girl Naomi Osaka, number 18 in the world rankings. In the hard court tournament 710 $000, the eight seeded Petkovic now meets Venus Williams and Victoria Asarenka of Belarus with world rankings tithes on the winner of the encounter between the American. Benjamin Becker (Orscholz) is eliminated as the last German in the ATP tournament in Washington. The 33-year-old lost in the second round of the hard court event which is endowed with $1.6 million against the number ten the Colombians Santiago Giraldo after 1:39 hour 2-6, 6-7 (3-7). In the Eighthfinals, Giraldo meets Victor Estrella Burgos (Dominican Republic), which was off at the start of Tobias Kamke (Lübeck). The third German Starter Michael Berrer (Stuttgart) was also inferior in the first round match. 6-7 (2-7), 4:6, it was at the end against the American Jack sock. Champions League, qualifying: Red Bull Salzburg threatens another premature failure in the Champions League. Austrian football champions conceded a surprising 1:2-(0:1)-Niederlage in the qualifying first leg of the third round of Karabakh Agdam Baku. In the 2nd minute and Reynaldo (86th), Danilo met slides on Wednesday before 31 000 spectators at the Tofik Stadium Stadium for Azerbaijan champion. Jonatan Soriano (77th) had in the meantime compensated for Salzburg. In Christian Schwegler (34th / emergency brake) or Agdams Admir Teli (42 / yellow-red due to hand game) and Reynaldo (88 / red foul) had just three players from the course. The second leg takes place next Wednesday in Salzburg. The team of Dietrich Matteschitz at the seventh attempt trying to reach the group stage of the Champions League. Bundesliga, BVB: The former internationals Sebastian Kehl Borussia Dortmund resigned as captain in the Bundesliga has resigned. The 34-year old said this on Wednesday in the training camp of the BVB in Bad Ragaz. I want to pass on the baton and me this year to focus on the sport. My ambition is undiminished, said Kehl. The former Freiburger held the position at the Borussia for six years. The defensive specialist will continue to belong to the team Council. This was also the wish of the other players, he said. Now searches for a successor. His deputies from the previous season, Roman Weidenfeller and mats Hummels are probably favorites. I want to get my successor with help and advice. My attitude will not change, said Kehl. Football, Premier League: The free kick spray so successfully employed at the World Cup in Brazil conquered more and more top leagues. The English Premier League announced on Wednesday, to introduce the tool from the box to the new season which starts on August 16. Previously, the League associations in Spain, Italy and France had already agreed the introduction for the new season. The World Cup innovation is used also in the Champions League and the Europa League. In Germany was discussed most recently the introduction of spray. However, the League Assembly adjourned a decision on December. The introduction in the Bundesliga could be done so at the earliest season 2015/16. . You must check the following to learn more on this interesting matter.

Neil Young in Mainz: the old Indian Chief said.

When standing on a balmy summer evening at the Customs port of Mainz between loud peaceful old rockers and, you must say that, the huge lucky to experience this achtundsechzigjährigen Achtundsechziger and his Band Crazy Horse also in the years again in top form, then quickly have no rational considerations apply. The song long, until finally lifted. "Be on my side / I’ll be on your side", somewhat shaky, but applause aufbrandendem. Then, with the chorus, young is supported by two fantastic singers: "Down by the River". Fits super so directly on the Rhine. There, even the Director of the two video screens next to the stage once dares a swivel on the passing barges into the sunset. This band has arrived after ninety minutes the sixth song: we must create it only once. In a flagrantly out long "standing in the light of love" (emphasis on ‘Stand’), we got the last of the six thousand listeners: here "don’t have". Immerse yourself in the tie-dyed T-shirt by Frank Sampedro. One wonders whether Rick Rosas has ever ever moved, before it loses itself in his mischievous grinning face of an old Indian woman. Then Chief takes young is still a heart and an acoustic guitar, all of his unplayed hits to play at least "heart of gold" – and surprisingly even Bob Dylan’s "Blowin’ in the wind", as if it were always his own song. It’s a night of fervently Sung protest songs, and after a then still full throttle the "rockin’ in the Free World", which also included drummer Ralph Molina himself may finally spent, ends with the child’s question "who’s gonna up and save was the Earth"? Several young the parole issued this evening, that all the world’s ills due by the greed for oil. One could be to recognize a certain hypocrisy, he has but at home are a huge collection of vintage gasoline guzzlers in the garage. But if you can hear Neil Young’s harmonica, as she whimpers at "Living with was," a song whose Klage could be not only political, but also very personal relationships, then you have no arguments against this agitated heart. . Main data could be studied reading this

Expo: Milan wakes up with corn field in Piazza Castello (4).

(Adnkronos)-the appointment with quantomais and its many free events, to be held either outdoors among the corn, both within the Sai, leave from July 31 and will continue throughout the month of August at Expo Gate. For the month of August Garibaldi Expo space Gate is Gate2Game, a playroom for children remained in the city organized by the NPO Pepita; a meeting point for creative children, followed by animators and educators, can unleash their creativity by developing cognitive and relational capacity thanks to pasta from Play-Doh and modeled to Mega Bloks. Every day there are 6 workshops (Hands in pasta, animal friends, Create a tree, nursery rhyme of emotions, we build Milan, Cake Design Time) an hour and 15 minutes to 15 children each. The inauguration is to take place tomorrow quantomais from 19. 30 in conjunction with Scrunch by Stefano Fontana, the dj Expo set Thursday’s Gate. quantomais is a project of the studio A4A Revolt Savioni architects, commissioned by Expo Gate, designed and built by Giovanni Revolt and Nicoletta Savioni. Toro Ag Irrigation Technical Sponsor for the system used. Thanks for the production, the azienda agricola Antonio Corbari for technical advice, agronomists and Bruna Heidempergher Professor Alberto Valeroso. . Main facts can be read visiting the following hyperlink.

Premiere: warm water fish in the Baltic Sea started.

So we have shown this type the first time as a vagrant in the Baltic Sea, fisheries biologist Uwe said crooked by the Thünen-Institute for Baltic fisheries in Rostock. This is a very unusual catch. The records of the Institute goes back to 1991, since then the type never in the Baltic Sea was demonstrated. Bent had identified the fish by means of photographs. Probably reached the animal with a warm water bubble over the North Sea in the Baltic Sea. In the summer these fish migrated north with the warm water from the tropics and subtropics. The Baltic Sea the kind but had been sighted in the first time, so crooked. The animal premiere accumulate currently in the Baltic Sea. In the past weeks were several humpback whales in the waters spotted, first two at once. On the 25 July 2014, the German Maritime Museum in Stralsund reported that it probably involves a cow with her calf. The animals were first discovered at the entrance of the Flensburg fjord. Later, fishermen had observed a diving whale off the coast of the Polish town Darlowo. This is Crow well 720 kilometers east of Flensburg fjord. . For additional facts regarding this matter check resource.

Sanctions against Putin, Europe this time decided to get serious.

The battle for the principles of democracy for McCain is at no cost. Are 6. 200 (Ischinger recalled last February) German companies that do business in Russia. Indisputable arguments in favour of restraint, with whom Italy is also agree for political choice and number of companies. But last year the U.s. interchange with Moscow was 26 billion dollars and the EU to 440 billion. Especially after a civilian aircraft was shot down by rebels pro-Russian of Ukraine and that the incident probably will be judged as a war crime; After that accumulate the evidence on how the rebels are controlled by Russia and its lethal weapons that continue to receive. It seems increasingly clear that Vladimir Putin does not want to solve the problem but only circles to gain time. Now that under body armour combat shirt Ukrainians, the issue of gas supplies is only the background. But still three months and get the cold, after two more frost. As the Marshal Kutuzov with Napoleon and Stalin with Hitler, even Putin trusts in General Winter to defeat yet another enemy of Russia. On Ukraine, as in other international theatres, grows the easy tendency to give blame and liability to Americans: enlarging Nato had ignored the reasons of the Russians and now imposes economic sanctions and, for them, the risks limited. It is true enough, and it is also true that global comparison that reappeared suddenly yesterday on missile arsenals, is between United States and Russia. But the policies of the EU and individual countries of the continent, from years are doing everything to ignore an uncomfortable reality: the crisis in Ukraine, daughter of unresolved democratization of post-Soviet Russia, is a European problem. The Balkan chaos began to be reconstructed when the democratic Serbia has become. Extended to the stability of an entire continent, Russia has the same need. Under any regime, even Liberal, the Russia you will perceive as a great power, but with a giant democracy would be much easier to talk. How many reasons could have, annexing Crimea Putin questioned a foundation for which the last century Europe has fought two devastating wars: the prohibition to change its frontiers by force. Even most Europeans favour appeasement understand Putin’s intention to retain Ukraine to prevent instability in Petro and Poroshenko to make his reforms until the winter will do its part. The European neighbourhood policy was conceived in 2004. Only in 2009 was added to the Eastern partnership initiative with the closest villages to the influence and Russian aspirations. It was a difficult birth and even more complicated was find authoritative sponsors such as Germany, France or Italy the. Were the poles to push, hoping to have some other country between them and Russia. Economic exchanges and realpolitik are important tools of peaceful coexistence but in their name we cannot deny other Europeans the right to a future of freedom. . For more on this matter visit blog.

The leaders of Kosovo suspected of ethnic cleansing and organ trafficking.

Crimes against humanity, war crimes: exposed to the press in Brussels by the Prosecutor Clint Williamson loads are heavy. They relate to two types of abuses. Those who have had the greatest media resonance: during the war, members of the people of of the Kosovo liberation army, defending the Muslim majority against the Serb Orthodox minority, killed Serbs for their organs and sell them. Clint Williamson confirms what had been revealed many years ago by the former Attorney of the international criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), the Swiss woman Carla Del Ponte: we have compiled clear evidence that these practices have taken place. But it minore extent: this has happened on a very limited scale. Less than a dozen individuals. This is not least a horrible practice, a terrible tragedy, and the small scale does not reduce the savagery of the crime. Clint Williamson, who investigated 800 dead and missing, also claims that the Serb minorities and Kosovo Roma were victims of an organized ethnic cleansing operation: murders, kidnappings, deportation and sexual violence against those minorities, but against the Albanian opposition to the KLA. Ethnic cleansing decided, not by a few rogue isolated, but which corresponds to a plan organized, led by the leadership of the former KLA. However, these individuals currently occupy the places of high responsibility in the State of Kosovo. The Prime Minister kosovar Hashim Thaci was indeed the pro-independence guerrilla leader Kosovo during the conflict and has already been implicated by another Switzerland, the rapporteur of the Council of Europe Dick Marty. The Prosecutor refused to give names, because the indictment it prepares will be sealed. Confidential. These accusations should be addressed at a trial before an international tribunal created for the occasion by 2015, in a country unknown at this stage, but in negotiation. This was the case of the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, but its jurisdiction was limited in time. Two major difficulties are to be expected if a trial takes place. Intimidation of witnesses to a part Clint Williamson stressed the difficulties he had to collect testimonies from Kosovo: a strong climate of intimidation around everything related to the ex – KLA. Comments that recall those of Carla Del Ponte when she sought to investigate the role of the KLA in the ethnic cleansing anti-Serb: looks like it is a spontaneous generation, has excited the Ticino. The intelligence services of countries engaged in the former Yugoslavia – United States, United Kingdom, France – indeed refused to provide him with information on this training that they argued in its fight against the Serbia of Slobodan Milosevic, later accused of genocide, and who died in a cell of the ICC in the Hague. . Original source could be read reading this homepage.

NextRadioTV (BFM) leaps on the Stock Exchange after the refusal of passage of LCI free.

The title of the media group NextRadioTV, owner of channel BFM, jumped Tuesday afternoon at the Paris Bourse, taking advantage of the denial issued by the CSA on the transition to the free TNT of LCI. At 4:32 pm (14 H 32 GMT), the value was 7.22% 24,64 euros, while the CAC 40 index won 0.90%. Shortly before the announcement of the CSA, occurred around 16:00, the title evolved equilibrium. The title of TF1, which owns LCI, had more harm and was stable at 11.21 euros. NextRadioTV avoids so come on the niche information continues a third free channel, a sector on which the competition is already tough with Itele. NextRadio TV boss, Alain Weill also told AFP that he welcomed this decision, stressing that a free passage would deeply destabilized the television market and one of the news channels in particular. Addition LCI, the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel refused passage to the Paris première free TNT (Group M6) and planet + (Canal + group), citing particularly the fragility of the advertising market and several free channels. For LCI, whose survival is now at risk, the le CSA CSA notes that l? arrival of a third free channel d? information continuously financed exclusively by advertising, could destabilize the two chains? already existing information, i-Télé, and Betty. . Additional data can be read reading link.

Islam: what do the books advocating Jihad in supermarket.

FIGAROVOX/analysis – For its "Operation Ramadan", the Lebanese editor Albouraq puts on sale in 1000 stores in France of books advocating Jihad and the death of the ‘heretics ‘. Decryption of the islamologist Claude Sicard. "The way of the Muslim or"gardens of the Saints"who advocate Jihad and the death of the ‘heretics’ are available in supermarkets." These books are faithful to the Quran or do they give an interpretation perverted Islam? Are violence and Jihad intrinsic to islam? The attitude towards unbelievers: "O you who believe, fight those of your neighbors who are infidels" (9,123); or even: "Kill the polytheists wherever where you find" (9.25); and also: ‘ O Prophet, encourages the believers to fight: twenty brave of them terrasseront 200 infidels ‘ (8.65), etc. With, to exonerate turning believers who would come to kill infidels and that émouvraient, this soorah who tells them: ‘ this is not you who have killed, it is God» (8.17). Generally, it must be in memory this Sura where it says: "Muhammad is the Messenger of God. His companions are hard against the infidels and merciful among themselves. In a society as understood islam, should know that there is place for believers. Each are on the right track (the Muslims), other, «people of the book» who wish to remain in error, are admitted: they have the merit of believing in God, and we tolerate so but in making second-class citizens, so-called "dhimmis". These second-class citizens will find themselves constantly harassed in their everyday lives, and the situation will become them finally unbearable. Unbelievers, meanwhile, will be persecuted: they must either convert to islam or be eliminated. And there are actually many of brotherhood between Muslims, but only between them, a Sura saying: ‘ O believers, do you link of friendship between you "(3,118)." Remember also 3.28 Sura which States: ‘that believers do not take their friends among the infidels, instead of the believers. Those who would do so have nothing to expect from God. Of course, found in the Bible of the violent passages. But the fundamental distinction which is between the bible and the Qur’an is found in the fact that the bible was written by men, while the Quran is the word of God by nature. It should be recalled that the Muslims tell us that the message of God issued to men since the dawn of time always was the same: the prophets preceding Muhammad were men "inspired by God" (Moses and Jesus being the two main ones). That they were men, the message that they were granted was imperfect, misunderstood, truncated,. God’s message is finally collected in its entirety by Muhammad who God has dictated his message: therefore the message with which it must comply, because this is the perfect message, and there is more on the other. When we read in the Quran of the passages advocating violence, it is therefore well injunctions issued by the Almighty, messages that cannot be only run if the one is a believer sincere and concerned about his future after the death. The answer to this question is ‘yes ‘. Indeed, the distinction between "radical islam" and "soft islam" is unfounded. It is the effect of the arrangements which our Western societies are trying to find to not condemn Muslims in their refusal to adopt our values and conform to the way we have, we Westerners, to conceive l "Organization of our societies. Democracy and the values on which it is based, is the political system invented by ‘Christians’, a system that Westerners believe themselves entitled to impose today other civilizations. Orthodox islam is one that conforms to the Koran: but the modern Muslim intellectuals are reformers. They refuse to make the Holy Book of islam a "literal" reading, saying we need to "contextualize" the Koran"to remove it from the particular context in which the word of God been issued: it was a Saudi from the seventh century of our era, and the message which then issued is to modernize today ‘ hui in keeping the spirit. This is the position for example of an intellectual as Malek Chebel with his book to great success: "Manifesto for an islam of lights" where this islamologist offers some twenty-seven significant reforms. And it is also the position of Tariq Ramadan, this brilliant intellectual so highly publicized, and unnecessarily demonized, opposed to a literal reading of the Koran. This so listen preacher of young European Muslims wrote for example in his book "islam and the Arab Awakening": "l ‘ islam is at a profound transformation imposed by the historical evolution and the new environment political, economic cultural and more broadly geopolitical» (page 165). All Muslim intellectuals living in the West are so for a reform of islam as it is clear from the reading of the Holy Book, but unfortunately the crowds are and remain under the tutelage of the imams of the mosques that adhere to this rigorous islam advocated by the Wahhabis and Salafis. The reformers living in the West are intellectuals and their speech is not listened to clerics. With the dissemination of books advocating Jihad and death of heretics on trivializes so radical islam and on bar the way to reformist Muslims that the West would have great interest to support in their fight. The Muslims belong to another civilization than Western civilization. They know that their civilization was stronger than ours in the past, in the middle ages, and were missing their recall also. Subsequently, it is our civilization, with its extraordinary scientific and technical progress which took over. They remind us that we went to dominate for centuries with our techniques and our weapons. But recently they managed a out us of the territories which we had taken them, and with the oil they now have a formidable weapon against us. These peoples who consider that we submitted them, humiliated, pillaged by exploiting our account their wealth, have the feeling that we despise them: they started in the second half of the 20th century to take their revenge, and their resentment towards the West is very strong. Integrate Muslims in a Western society that is based on Christianity is a utopia. Muslims wish to preserve their identity, and we cannot blame them. This is well advised to make a preacher like Tariq Ramadan, a preacher who has the success that we know. It is not so much a matter of religion that a case of identity, and any individual is ready to fight very hard to defend its identity. Including leaving his life if necessary. . You could say in a provocative way that for a Muslim to become a true Westerner, it must be actually convert to Christianity. Certainly, Europeans are agnostic enmajorite, but even this agnosticism is constructed with a culture and Judeo-Christian tradition. Need to understand the problems of integration with the approaches of anthropologists, and not remain on simplistic ideas. The Qur’an says to Christians that they are in error: how therefore Muslims adopt they the theses of these people that the Prophet ordered to fight? The anti Christian message is in the Holy Book of islam: it does not facilitate the integration of Muslims in Western societies, companies based, should not ignore, on values and Christian traditions. . You must visit the following blog to read more regarding this amazing topic.