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Where teaching is fun – stuntman, Brauer, gamer: 10 places for adventure-apprentices.

"How you doing?" "I’m crime scene cleaners!" – so The end is guaranteed by tedious party small talk. Everyday work a crime scene cleaner, which must prove strong nerves include blood, stench and vermin. It’s not only about the remains of criminal acts. Much more often, crime scene cleaners have to clean up Messie dwellings or apartments dead, which alone have died or have been forgotten. A direct training to the "crime scene cleaners’ however does not exist: for the job, apprentices must do an apprenticeship to the cleaning. Also the training to the Disinfector is part of the three-year apprenticeship. No blood and dirt, for it but abundant glitter is part of the training to the diamond BUR. Technically gifted trainees learn the precious stones are tested and honed, in three years. Aesthetics and creativity are also of such vocational school and College, where young designers learn. Graphics, fashion, jewelry? Dear food design? After the completion of the training, the possibilities are endless. . Extended facts can be read reading

Sick children abducted by parents, revoked the arrest: Ashya stay with MOM and dad.

Finally won the family. It fell the arrest warrant for parents of the little King Ashya, 5 years baby, cancer patient, who had been ‘ abducted ‘ by parents, who have taken without consent to the care of the Hospital where he was admitted (the Southampton General Hospital) and then given to a hospital in Malaga, after their parents ‘ arrest by the Spanish authorities. The news, released by the Bbc, came after the public stance of the British Prime Minister David Cameron that in recent hours had declared: "like everyone else in this country, I want to see this poor child return with his parents", launching a call for "common sense prevails". Cameron then continued explaining the position taken by remembering the personal tragedy experienced the loss of a child of 6 years suffering from cerebral palsy, "Ashya photographs make me remember my young boy seriously ill, Ivan". So on the afternoon of Tuesday, the Crown Prosecution Service, the British Prosecutor, started the procedures for the withdrawal of the international arrest warrant issued against parents of Ashya, which now could soon leave the Spanish prison to reach the small hospital in Malaga. The Commander of the Hampshire Police, Andy Marsh, who had launched the international hunt to Brett and Naghemeh King, said that the small "needs medical assistance and parents at his side," pointing out that the current situation isn’t fair. . Inspirational source can be found checking the following website.

New Chief Holtby takes responsibility for the HSV.

How much exactly the HSV pays this year by the five-million salary, is not known. Tottenham continues over a part, also Holtby to waive even money. He wants to play again, Instead of sitting on the bench. Until the last minute he had to tremble, then the business was perfect: on Sunday, he was still in England on the bench, then it went to the plane. On Tuesday, traveled to his girlfriend with the suitcases. A few weeks ago, sought contact with Holtby Beiersdorfer and caught him on an off day: I was playing golf and wanted to putt just – got a call from Germany. Then I could play golf No more so well. Beiersdorfer has convinced him of the HSV project with many new players. 26 million euro as expenditure record, almost 23 on the revenue side are already in this transfer window. Already in the next away game at Hannover 96 to show the purchases Holtby that forget 0:3 against Paderborn and the new face of the HSV. . Extended info can be read checking site.

Support for the independence of Scotland increases to two weeks of consultation.

@lanthar #1 Cameron is an irresponsible sorcerer’s apprentice. S it for organizing sto have to resign. N getting win ste, may win the referendum on membership of the EU?. This irresponsible doesn’t know that referendums charging them the devil. N salvandose narrowly, what effect will the rest of Western Europe a precedent as ste? And in Scotland, not spend as in Quebec, to be that repeat on every ten to you the referendum until win independence? The worst PM in modern history only brit. You said that the ndums refer the diabl load them (sic). It is the same as saying that direct democracy the diabl loads (which means that citizens are not ones to make decisions and we need lites pol ticas so they decide for us). It is the same as saying that the will of the people the diabl loads. You are not a Democrat dem. Maybe a pseudo-dem Democrat, that only accepts democracy when it coincides with their way of thinking and their interests. Be dem Democrat and deny that people can vote on anything (we are older, but maybe you don’t consider it as) is inconsistent. Do not put you l mites to democracy. . For extended data on this subject read website.

Ukrainian conflict, Vladimir Poutine: the return of relations force in Europe.

"No return" to what? A ghostly excellence of relations between the European Union and the Russia? The last Western to have really searched for State Chief to bring the Russia into the European family after his Soviet glaciation period is François Mitterrand. It was with his idea of European Trade Union Confederation, who received a warm hospitality, both on the part of the German Chancellor Kohl in the year 1990, that of Czech president Havel. But this reasonable project was the following year subject to a job of undermining of the United States, angry to be not related. He collapsed, to be replaced by a strategic triangle, dominated by Washington. First point of the triangle: the expansion of the role of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe, which the United States and the Canada are founding members. Second point: the revitalization, through the Yugoslav, NATO wars (military organization sitting in the heart of Europe and commanded by an American general). Third point: fast accession to the EU and NATO to all former European satellites of Moscow. The France is sidelined. It buries its idea of a European Europe "from the Atlantic to the Urals. It begins to build a U.S. Europe, intended to extend the Potomac to the quiet Don. Everything works perfectly, first with Gorbachev the dreamer, then with Yeltsin the drunk. For the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Germany to the East, Chancellor Kohl and president George H Bush would, at the beginning of the year 1990, was ready to give the Russia a guarantee of non-eastern extension of NATO, but Gorbachev neglects to ask. In 1999, Yeltsin, comfortable by a special loan from the IMF, agrees that NATO make, without authorization from the United Nations, war to the Serbs, to compel them to abandon their historic province of Kosovo, plagued by an insurgency ethnic Albanian separatist. But the emergence in 2000 of a new tsar in the Kremlin, which is neither low nor alcoholic, will change the situation. That Putin is not anti-Western initially. He agreed to help the United States to fight the Afghan Taliban after the attacks of September 11. But this cold geopolitician will stiffen when America, under the guise of democracy assistance, begins to encroach on what he regarded as an area of ancestral influence of the Russia. For him, it is out of the question to see NATO to settle on the banks of the Dnieper or the foothills of the Caucasus. It’s not going to shout to use international law, because he thinks that it is a legal framework that the large countries impose on small, without never to submit themselves. It will take action, trying to make it the more clandestine possible. With Putin, we are witnessing the comeback of relations force in Europe. New from Ukrainian leaders of the pro-European revolution of Maidan played two huge blasts of poker. February 21, 2014, they flouted the compromise agreement they had signed themselves and which had been initialled by the Envoy of Putin. At the beginning of the summer, they sent their armoured vehicles against the separatist Russian-speaking East of the country, rather than accept the federalization plan proposed by them Lavrov. Those two shots of poker, they have lost them. The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs do so gave them only one option in his statement of Monday, September 1: accept an immediate ceasefire and the opening of negotiations with the rebels, leading to extensive autonomy of Eastern regions. Otherwise? In good strategists, the Russians carefully hide their intentions. But everyone knows that they have the room for manoeuvre: they can continue their advance towards Crimea, the peninsula is more cut from his ‘motherland’ Russian. They may even go up to Odessa, and operate their junction with their 14th army, based in Transnistria. They know that the West will never launch a war for control of the north shore of the Black Sea. . Related info can be read visiting web site.

Draghi and Holland in unison to relaunch the European application.

François Hollande and the president of the European Central Bank (ECB) Mario Draghi expressed Monday their convergence towards a revival of the European application against the risks of deflation, was reported in the vicinity of the French president at the end of an interview at the Elysee. The two leaders shared the same concern about the growth and evolution of inflation in Europe, and they agreed on the need to work together on the European application, manipulating both the fiscal and monetary levers. According to an advisor to Mr. Hollande, Mario Draghi very much appreciate the willingness of the France to raise its growth potential with the structural reforms laid down in the Covenant of responsibility. This interview took place while Mr Draghi is the spotlight for a few days of the meeting of re-entry of the monetary institution, on the basis of inflation still low, fell 0.3 percent in August over one year in the euro zone. This situation is of concern to European political and monetary leaders. A few days ago, the president of the ECB spoke on the phone with Angela Merkel, confirmed Monday the spokesman of German Chancellor, specifying that it is Mr. Draghi who had called. The weekly Der Spiegel reported in its edition Monday that Mrs Merkel took his phone to interrogate Mr. Draghi and knowing what he meant in a speech very noticed in the United States on 22 August. According to Mr. Seibert, this version of the Spiegel has nothing to do with the truth and facts. Most economists expect no new decision on the part of the ECB Thursday, but a more offensive speech in Italian. Jackson Hole, in the United States, Mr Draghi held very noticed remarks, saying ready to adjust more monetary policy in the euro zone. This has been interpreted by some as the announcement of new measures to the American, who could go through direct funding from the States. L?Germany, very attached to the monetary orthodoxy, is used to temper these statements, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble ensuring that they had been surinterprétés. In France however, the reorientation of Mr Draghi, who also claimed support of European growth through fiscal policy, strikes a cord, in full debate on the country’s economic policy. . Additional data can be found checking blog.

Putin and Russian hands on the soccer colossus Gazprom buys the Red Star Belgrade.

Breeding ground of talents like Dzajic, Stojkovic and Savicevic. Only the former Yugoslavia team to win a European Cup, in 1991 at San Nicola di Bari against Marseille, Red Star Belgrade in recent years was in financial difficulties, including unpaid salaries and misappropriations of the old leadership had been excluded from Uefa competitions. In 2010 Gazprom starts so with a millionaire, sponsorship from 2 and up to 5 million a year, and celebrated inter alia by another visit by Putin at the Stadion Crvena Zvezda. By next October by sponsoring the club will go then to the acquisition of full ownership of the oil and gas giant, controlled in turn to 50, 01% by the Russian Government. And by whom it represents. The price for the transaction? 40 million to the Serbian Government, owner of the club and its debts, equally to cover liabilities, and 20 million to the city of Belgrade for the purchase of the stadium grounds. The result? A political gesture of extreme importance in the Ukrainian conflict. After the new alliance with China so the concreting of ancient alliances between Russia and Serbia. A solidification of relations in view of the creation of the South Stream gas pipeline, a strategy that Russia should supply from southern Europe just jumping at the bottom of the Ukraine. And yet another acquisition by Gazprom of a club affiliated to Uefa, always remembering that Gazprom of Uefa and its bowls is one of the main sponsors. Owner from 2005 of Zenit St. Petersburg, new Russian football power that has since won three titles (among others) and a Europa League, Gazprom in addition to the partnership with Uefa and Fifa sponsors Schalke 04 and Chelsea. Two teams not at random. The first sponsorship can be traced back to a series of parallel trade agreements to the completion of the North Stream, the Northern arm of Gazprom’s gas pipeline that terminates in Germany. The second is for the Club Abramovich, the Russian oligarch’s former ally of Putin foe Boris Berezovsky, died in strange circumstances last year in London, which a decade ago has changed allegiances, Berezovsky, upon approaching Putin and ceding to Gazprom in 2005 his oil company Sibneft. When Gazprom moves in football, not only for the sake of the balloon. . You can visit the following to learn extra on this great matter.

Olympia soon in Germany?: DOSB intends to examine plans of Hamburg and Berlin.

An initial analysis of the conceptions of Berlin and Hamburg is scheduled for the DOSB Presidium meeting on 11th September in Berlin, a second reading for the scheduled October 28 in Frankfurt. At the end of the following discussion process is to decide whether we apply us with Berlin or Hamburg and, where appropriate, when Olympic Games, Hall said. Clarified the DOSB General Director Michael Vesper, a German bid for 2024 must only be submitted in the autumn 2015 at the IOC. On its general meeting on 6 December in Dresden the German Federation wants to decide further steps. In the summer 2017 the IOC session elects the host of the games 2024. Hamburg, however, builds on a compact concept with the Elbe island of small Grasbrook as Center. There is also the Olympic village is to be built next to the Olympic Stadium, a multi-purpose arena and indoor swimming pool. Most sports facilities located within a radius of ten kilometres from the Olympic Stadium from. The surrounding area is to be included: handball in Kiel and Flensburg, riding in Luhmühlen, golf at Gut Kaden, sailing to the East or North Sea. . Additional information can be found checking

Weak September start: Dax leaves hanging the wings.

Not a light day on the German stock market: The leading index DAX recorded for the entry in the new month of trading 0.04 percent into the Red at 9466 points. The previous high from the course is 9500,20 meters, the day’s low at 9424,78 points. The CAP index MDax abides by 0.17 percent in the plus in 16 113 points. The TecDax gaining 0.62 percent to 1249 points. In London stock trading, the shares of the British TV channel ITV global speculation on a takeover by liberty awarded a new boost. The title climbed on the London Stock Exchange by up to 2.6 percent to 216.7 pence and No more listed it as high as since January 2001. The newspaper the Telegraph reported, liberty global position themselves for a complete takeover. Conversations with other shareholders – mainly from the United States – were already. Liberty wants to pay but no too much premium on the current price. In Germany, meanwhile, provides the upcoming decision on a new composition of the index selection behind the first row for movement. On Wednesday night, Deutsche Börse will announce the up – and down. The September date is considered to be the most important change appointment for the indexes. While the DAX is expected to be unchanged, the indexes of the second and third series are likely to be stirred messed up significantly. The changes will be carried out on the evening of 19 September to the closing prices. Other important decisions have already been: the Finnish company Nokia has made the resurgence in the Eurostoxx50 and there supplanted CRH shares at the closing price of 19 September. The rise is likely pushing the Nokia share. Because on the Eurostoxx50 index over 100 billion passive capital align according to estimates in the market, money, that is for example in ETFs. Thus, the Eurostoxx50 is the most important benchmark in Europe, it includes the biggest singles of the euro zone. . You can check the following fact to learn more on this amazing matter.

PSG: Paris strikes the spirits.

Meetings between Qatar and Saint Etienne version MTP birth always of highlights. In December 2011, despite a leading position in the winter break after a 1-0 success in the cauldron, Antoine Kombouaré was sacked by Leonardo to the descent of the aircraft at le Bourget. The following season, Ibrahimovic had been expelled for a dangerous gesture on Ruffier and last year, mishandled at Geoffroy-Guichard, PSG had equalized (2-2) in the final seconds on a centre of Matuidi that nobody had touched. Yesterday, a new memorable chapter is written in front of 46,000 spectators of the new Parc des Princes. Stéphane Ruffier, on a harmless pass from Clement, lack control and scored against his camp. It plays the 24th minute and until then the debates were balanced. Hard to know what would have been the physiognomy of the debates without this blunder. "We are not going to overwhelm Stéphane, he is a man. It is his first error in three years working together. Let the defeat solely on that, it would be inappropriate even if she has had an impact,"says Christophe Galtier. For the Saint-Etienne coach, fatigue, due to the dam in Europa League Thursday game, may not be advanced as an explanation: "to be very honest, even without play Thursday, it would have perhaps taken same spanking,," Because it is a spanking. "His friend and Parisian counterpart Laurent Blanc did not add more after this wide success. "It’s good to win, it gives confidence. ” There are 8 out of 12 points, is two points behind the leader. This is not bad for a team that rises in power and is not yet at the top. "A sentence that could surprise his audience after the demonstration of the evening. "We knew that all would be ready in August, to the image of Maxwell who played his 1 official game tonight (yesterday). It still has players who needs 3 or 4 games to find their rhythm», says white. Despite these small adjustments still to find and the last injured to restore (Thiago Silva and Lavezzi) during the international break of ten days which starts today, PSG has just remembered that he was indeed the boss of our championship, to the image of Ibrahimovic, author of three goals, and the top of the L 1 scorers with 5 goals. In four games, won twice at home and made two draws away, it makes an average of two points per game. At this rate we will not be far from the title, recalls white. Serious things will begin after the truce with six games in 21 days. "With notably the awaited debut Club League champions against Ajax Amsterdam on 17 September. . Inspirational source may be read checking this site.