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After the award-winning Pink nude, Giovanni Tail works at the new film about bullying.

After the success of the film, Giovanni Coda is working with a new production Italy-Usa. It is titled, shot entirely in English, and will be ready in March. The filming of the movie were made between interiors and exteriors and interpreted in major parts from American actors, the film is inspired by a fact of history that saw a fourteen-year-old American boy, committed suicide after a series of terrible acts of bullying homophobe. Scholastic background It’s designed by Cagliari on the subject of gender-based violence opened with the Nazi persecution of homosexuals and who will Be happy to work on a project in which I believe, there is still much to do in terms of civil and human rights, said during the presentation to Pirri, glassware to Cagliari in the presence of the Directorthe co-producer of the film, (Atlantis Moon Productions) and the entire cast. My cinema is trialling and civil-commitment stresses. " Nude pink evokes the Nazi persecution against homosexuals. Bullied to death "is inspired by a true story happened in 2010. and the road is still long to do. The film is produced by Atlantis Moon Productions, Zena films, Filmmaking in Sardinia, with the collaboration of Sardinia Film Commission. . Similar facts can be found clicking

Brandao: one month in prison farm for a whim. Justice or scandal?

If they were not challenging my legal analysis, they challenged the fact that Bastia can dismiss his player and especially the justice may take up these acts of violence. Because after all, they said me, we speak as coup head. This happens in football. If justice were to take up all cases of this kind, it would get more. In addition, Thiago Motta this is a real Clark on the grounds.  He did only what he deserves. The Prosecutor of the Republic had requested eight months of suspended jail and 15. 000 euro fine. The tribunal has decided to retain the premeditation and impose on the player in the prison, doing a strict interpretation of the texts. And it is true that when we viewed images recorded in the corridor of the stadium to the locker room, where the assault occurred, it is difficult to believe the player and his Council when they claim that the attack was not premeditated. I am in any event those who regret what happens to that player. I know him personally and as this can be said sometimes in the locker room, I think it is a good guy. The reputation that we want to make it is not deserved. This is perhaps not the finest players, or the smartest men, but it is regrettable to see so severely punished. Players, meanwhile, feel now be above laws applying to common mortals. However, these common mortals are the same as those who will support them in stages with their children. And they go there to see matches of football, not clashes, altercations or other fistfights. So what happens to Brandao is indeed regrettable. But he would accept his punishment. Hope that the latter will school in the middle of football and beyond, in the middle of the sport. And that those who cry scandal today are finally obliged, tomorrow, to inform their players, colleagues and employees, that the ordinary courts can also take their responsibilities and punish the perpetrators of unacceptable excesses. . Additional information can be read reading

Multicopter: Gift of the Christmas tree.

Four weeks until Christmas, and this year a popular gift under the tree, not only could lie, but also fly – in the form of a hobby drone. New, affordable models are on the way out to make the gadgets from the niche of the Modeller available for a larger audience. In the UK supply shortages in some stores already exist. Also in Germany, they are likely to stand in this year on many wish lists. Nevertheless, some believe that drones are the next Smartphone. In the future we could carry them on the wrist with us. What is certain is that drones can definitely be fun. And who adheres to the rules, should get no problems with his fellow or the authorities. But what are the most important rules? Drones and their leaders what may and what not? We answer some of the most important questions for the purchase and use of drones and build. A rise in a radius of 1.5 kilometres from the airports is prohibited. In some urban areas, the zone can be larger so you should inform yourself before. In Berlin about drones within the S-Bahn ring are completely prohibited without special permission. Also, there are no-fly zones as government quarters, military bases, or nature reserves. Some drones offer GPS-controlled AIDS that identify zones and fly around or don’t even start. Rely it but should not. . You can read this to learn more about this amazing matter.

South Asia won’t make it to grow together.

Once again disappointed South Asia. While the Eastern of region despite all political disputes economically grow together, India and its residents come to each other. This is especially the simmering disputes between the feuding brothers in Pakistan and India. The Summit started with high hopes in Kathmandu of the South Asian Association for regional cooperation (SAARC) was virtually fruitless. Also Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and the Maldives belong to the Federal Government in addition to India and Pakistan. Most contracts now arguably failed on Pakistan in its capital Islamabad the next SAARC Summit to meet by 2016. It remains a bitter conclusion: "it’s ourselves, the Member States, to decide SAARC should be as strong and effective. Remains despite the great potential for transformation in the region, achieved expectations, and only we alone are responsible, that the SAARC process is not progressing", Nepal’s Prime Minister Sushil Koirala criticized in his final remarks. The Governments of about a quarter of the world’s population not agreed to approve the two planned agreement for the free transport of goods and the free movement of passenger cars and railways across the borders. Reportedly the contracts failed due to the opposition of Pakistan’s. Although they had given enormous upswing lagging trade in the region. But is slowed from the freight already in India by the numerous borders and customs regulations. The cross-border traffic the fear of terrorist attacks is added again. The volume of cross-border trade of the eight countries have grown from less than 140 million dollar 2008 on 880 million dollars 2012 this but constitutes less than 5 percent of the region’s total trade, while East Asia increasingly is on internal trade and after another closes a trade agreement. Beijing, however, takes advantage of the weakness of South Asians to secure more influence. The Deputy Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said at the Summit in the next five years, Beijing will expand trade with South Asia to $150 billion and invest $30 billion. It was a strong symbol that the Summit in Kathmandu all people meeting in a Conference Center, that the Chinese had donated the Nepalese almost 30 years ago. China was just loaded onto peaks such as Australia, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, America and also Iran as observers, Burma (Myanmar) and Mauritius. . Related text can be read clicking web site.

SMIC, 35 hours,. The seven key of the Franco-German report measures.

Their report was expected at the turn. The economists Jean Pisani-Ferry and Henrik Enderlein, presented Thursday afternoon at Bercy their proposals to support investment and growth. These days, rumours evoked a relitigation of the 35 hours and a call for wage moderation. If two economists have denied, it appears from reading the document that these two points are indeed mentioned. The Minister of economy is is however already released on subjects one of the most sensitive topics: wage moderation. He said that it is not intended through the law to move to a three-year negotiation of wages, tells AFP. And the Minister added that it is not expected to change the formula for the calculation of the minimum wage. The company retained the main proposals for businesses.   The report estimates that the France suffers the chasm separating the CDD and the CDI on the labour market. In a context of economic gloom, they believe that the security afforded by a contract indefinite hampers mobility, boosting the use of CSD (84% of hirings in 2013. In fact, they propose to make the CDI, more attractive, making costs and the more predictable dismissal time. Without precision, Jean Pisani-Ferry and Henrik Enderlein propose to make less attractive the DDC.   Same topo with regard to unemployment insurance. There still Emmanuel Macron created some backwater left by calling on October 6 at a reform of the device when the blockages with the social partners remain too heavy. Finally, the Government recalled that further negotiations would be held in 2016 between the social partners and that this calendar is doitd’ be respected. The Pisani-Ferry – Enderlein report therefore proposes the Government to consult employers and unions upstream to set the objectives and the design of a comprehensive reform. For them, the current system would be unfavourable to new entrants and would not lead to the active job search. A thought in the right lineage in the posture of the Minister of the economy, which suggested that the level of compensation was not conducive the return to employment.   It is one of the two points which made debate this week, since the leak published in the German magazine Der Spiegel. Jean Pisani-Ferry and Henrik Enderlein estimate that growth in wages in France has not been linked to the increase in the productivity of the country. In fact, they intend to change the formula for calculating the minimum wage. The minimum wage would be most correlated to inflation, but the productivity of the country. Is also proposed the progressive convergence of minimum wages, German and french under ten years.   The need to reconcile the France and Germany from an economic point of view reflected throughout the report. The two economists estimate that this effort should be carried out about the qualifications and diplomas, for full cross-border recognition. They added that the two countries would benefit to establish a transportability of all rights and benefits obtained in the context of mobility, bearing both Medicare, retirement contributions student grants, unemployment benefits or rights to vocational training. A German citizen working in France should be able to return to Germany and keep fully its rights, commenting they.   . You must read this to read extra about this interesting subject.

FAT: protests in Kolhapur cry for help, not racism.

Rome, 27 nov. (La Presse)-I want to believe that those protests, however violent and exhibited-which we cannot dismiss just like racism, it would be a serious error of assessment-those protests are a plea for help and attention. The cry of those who feel frustrated because it sees no prospects in front of if it feels abandoned by the institutions. Thus, referring to unrest in the neighborhood of Tor Sapienza, Senate President Pietro Grasso during the meeting in Sala Zuccari ‘ suburbs. Presentation of the first annual report of the Working Group, Senator G124 Renzo Piano ‘. Reality as Tor Sapienza, he added, have been living for too long as marginal, places where public attention appears with great emphasis and disappears just as quickly. The problems of those neighborhoods, however, are the same problems of the country, only raised to the nth degree: unemployment, insecurity, truancy, absence of services. Are neighborhoods inhabited by people who knew the well-being during the past years, have touched upon, but they lost in the folds of this economic crisis that is becoming social, existential and ethical. The State-continued-Fat, in addition to reviewing the policies of hospitality to ensure that integration is really possible, and not a simple interlocking of ghettos in other ghettos, must return to these territories, because it is here that the vast majority of Italian citizens, must be present with its services, with transportation, with law enforcement, but especially with schools, youth centers, sports, employment centres, places of culture, spaces to create associations, manicured public parks. Because my feeling is that the inconvenience of the periphery is extending and incorporating everything, transforming our cities in a single ‘ existential ‘ suburbs, in the words of Papa Francesco. . You should click this web site to read more on this amazing subject.

The false economic promise of metropolises.

Olivier Bode-Olga and Michel Grossetti have nothing against Laurent Davezies. The Economist of Poitiers and Toulouse sociologist recognize the Economist of Paris that it is ‘The’ reference of the territorial economy and theorist of metropolization of the economy which greatly inspired the legislature, with exciting insights. But in recent years, Olivier Bode-Olga and Michel Grossetti to say also that the demonstration of Davezies is supported by no empirical verification and that its assumptions is revealing more and more fake, it will lead to policies in a few lectures magnifiers. Suddenly, when in September, Laurent Davezies publishes synthesis of his thought («The new territorial question», September 2014, with Thierry Pech), they finally decide to get out of the wood and a little debunking the statue of the Commendatore. A first version of their work comes to be brought online ("metropolization, unsurpassable horizon of economic growth?") and it strips. To be more specific should be considered the GDP per job, which is more difficult to calculate but which has, itself, an economic sense. And there, on the basis of the Insee data, that the gap between the GDP per job of the Ile-de-France and the rest of the territory is more than 30%. Two times less! But do not stop there. An economist must also take into account that there are very strong effects of specialization in Ile-de-France. It is of course linked to the economic history of the country, but some activities can be in Ile-de-France and Paris. «If it neutralises the effects of specialization, are reduced again the gap with the other territories: it is more than 20% "" its distribution is done on the basis of payrolls, continues Olivier Bode-Olga, and there is therefore a distortion related to the fact that in île de France focus executives of banking, insurance, finance and majors of the major groups State.» We can of course claim they are much better paid than others because they are more productive than others, but everyone knows that it is wrong. But it wants to especially say that Laurent Davezies or others, find not differences of productivity but pay gaps, which has nothing to do!  We are working on this effect Piketty. But I take a prime example: Insee shows that 25% of positions are concentrated in Ile-de-France. But if one refines based on income brackets, one realizes that Ile-de-France with 25% of french positions concentrating 50% of the highest tranche positions, one to more than 50. 000 euros per year. And if one refines in even more, we will see that 60-70% of the posts the more paid banks and insurance as well as 70% of the positions of the staffs of large enterprises are in Ile-de-France""the essential phenomenon of the territorial economy, this is the interdependence of territories, continues Olivier Bode-Olga.   The problem Davezies and many others is to climb too quickly in generality by explaining that the productive economy is the metropolis and the residential economy in the Territories not Metropolitan. That is wrong. There are very strong on the productive economy non-metropolitan territories and cities running well. Do not choose the wrong subject. There is a real problem on the institutional organization of the France and metropolitan, but need to put an end to prejudice discussions on growth. It could very well result in terms of allocation of public funds in a reorientation towards the cities. There is little difference in productivity between the territories, and I’m even not sure it is very smart to give more to those who have already much both the marginal gain is likely to be low. We must stop to build policies on economic hunches that seem self-evident but which are never shown. » . Extended info can be inspected checking


We must permanently stangare those who violate the rules and get it so unacceptable but at the same time serve simpler rules to combat crime. So the premier Matteo Renzi at the inauguration of the academic year 2014-2015 of the tax police of the Guardia di Finanza in Ostia explained the strategy to be adopted to combat lawlessness and tax evasion. We must change approach to the citizen who must feel morally accompanied and the audience is not just the controller but becomes consultant, added the Prime Minister. But the premier has wanted to get back on the path of reforms, emphasizing the importance of school reform. In the process of reforms the biggest reform of the education system. We can reform the Constitution, electoral law, after years of shifting sands, we can intervene on the rules of civil procedure, but the central point is that either we are able to say that the future of Italy through the development of human capital, or we do not bring the country out of the crisis. Then pointed out that on the reforms there is a broad consensus and we will go ahead quickly and said that with the Jobs Act will have less excuses and no less rights. Thanks to the reforms said Renzi-politics will no longer blocks. On the subject of taxes, wanted to clarify that Italy needs a tax system in which a citizen feels controlled not because there is a presumption of guilt. Then the lunge against the clever, against tax evasion each year subtracts the community 91 billion, almost six points of Gdp, says Renzi: for years, he added, that we say that things cannot change Italy. That we are destined to have corruption and high evasion or that mess they’d prevail. It ended the time when anyone considers cunning can prevail. But it serves a simple effort. If you succeed in your job to make that plastic has changed the relationship between citizens and the public administration world wide you will have done a service not only to the country but to yourself. And he recalled that in the fight against the phenomenon of aveasione also serve European level measures: I find it incredible that there are exams every year and then maybe VAT gets stuck to proceed, referring to provisions in the Bill that Stability on the contrasting of Vat evasion and require, therefore, European go-ahead. Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan, in a brief speech, stressed that in Italy the evasion steals large sums to the Treasury, which could be used by the State to improve the budget, to reduce the tax burden and to pursue goals of social equity. Evasion distorts the functioning of the market, because it puts honest taxpayers in an unfavourable condition compared to tax evaders and prevents the optimal allocation of resources. For this in the Bill stability for 2015, currently under discussion in the House, are contemplated enforcement actions against tax evasion that will retrieve resources for about 3.5 billion additional to 2014. . For additional on this topic visit article.

Bundeswehr of expected first A400M: Airbus seeks buyers for military pilots.

Torkelnder unlucky could adorn the first military Airbus of the Bundeswehr. The unlucky Hans Hardy leg, invented by the forefather of modern comics Wilhelm Busch, is the heraldic animal of the transport squadron 62 in Wunstorf near Hannover. The A400M is to land there in December. The first German military transport plane, which in the future will be the most advanced aircraft of the air force, Airbus prepared from the outset to problems. Nevertheless, Airbus wants to lead the pilot to export success.   Originally the first A400M engine should be 2009 in service, to replace the elderly and smaller, twin-engine C-160 Transall of the air force. Since January but only four machines the way found to their buyers, two one each in Turkey and Great Britain went to France. For Airbus, the four-engine A400M Atlas construction represented a premiere: A traditional manufacturer of civil aircraft ventured out on the construction of large military planes. The project soon proved a Herculean task. We have responded in the past year also to several requests, says Dary. Even South Africa, which initially jumped after the many delays and cost increases for the A400M program as a customer among the potential buyers. Airbus has never fully capped the contacts to South Africa, but local businesses involved in the construction of the machine. The components are fitted at the Airbus site in Bremen the A400M fuselages. The South Africans came back as customers on board, even the supply of new second-hand planes would be conceivable. Since the Bundeswehr receives while a total of 53 copies, wants to retain only a part and sell the rest. The United States also considered hope market. We are convinced that we have also an argument to the American market with the A400M, said the head of sales by Airbus defence and space, Christian Scherer, in Seville at a media event. He pointed to the limited payload of the flying bestseller from the House, standing around the world yet always quite numerous in the C-130 Hercules Lockheed. . Inspirational data may be studied reading this source.

Truck on fire on the highway to Rob a cash but the coup fails, robbers on the run.

Some trucks were set on fire in the middle of the highway in an attempt to Rob a cash van: happened on the A1, near Lodi. According to a press release from the Highway Police, the robbers who this morning around 6. 30 have torched vehicles and sprinkled the asphalt nails are not able to bring the coup and are now on the run. None, it is learned, was hurt. About A1 there are cameras, whose recordings will be checked by law enforcement, attended en masse in the stretch of Highway at the height of the Lombard cities. A1 blocked highways for the Italy announces that between Lodi and Piacenza nord, in both directions, willing stroke closure and inside traffic is blocked, with code, for the attempted theft of a cash van at km 35. Firefighters intervened to put out around 7 vehicles on fire, while the highway was closed in the meantime. Motorways for Italy from its website recommends as an alternative for those who travel to Bologna after the mandatory exit at Lodi, where they formed queues, you can take the Hwy 9 via Emilia and the return on the freeway can be carried out at Piacenza sud or on the A21 Piacenza ovest. For those headed to Milan and is located in the Bologna area can use the A22 and then the A4 towards Milan. Alternative routes-for those who are heading to Milan, but from Chiasso or Varese, we recommend that you take the A4 Turin-Venice motorway towards Venezia, then take the A21 towards Piacenza and returning to A1 at Piacenza Sud or, Alternatively, continuing to the A22 and take the motorway in the direction of Modena. To direct users to Bologna after the mandatory exit Lodi, we recommend you take the SS9 Via Emilia in the direction of Piacenza and returning to the highway to Piacenza Sud. . For additional insights about this matter click