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The Lead Minister: entrepreneurs are responsible. Just layoffs.

ROME-what I would do is call industrialists: who has budgets in order must do everything possible to maintain employment levels. You should save your work, do not dismiss. Mine is an appeal to the social responsibility of entrepreneurs. Federica Guidi is the Minister of economic development, former businesswoman, daughter of entrepreneur, former President of the Confindustria Giovani. On his desk there are about 160 of industrial crisis affecting over 155 thousand workers. Says the Government as everyone expected that the recovery comes first. But it was not so: Europe is firm and Italy as well. Already, but was the Government to promise much. Yet there is a given in your favor: in recent months fell GDP, increased unemployment, increased debt and slumped prices. Don’t you think that on the economy have made many promises and few facts?The 80 euros are made, as it is the so-called competitiveness package approved before the summer recess. Takes time because the measures taken effects. But we are keeping our promises. But then why go by the Government read that Renzi if cruising speed at the end is the same?The 80 euro Read had not undertaken nor the riduzione dell’irap of 10 per cent. Better, perhaps, to bet everything on Irap instead of about 80 euros, to encourage entrepreneurs to invest?Look, I say in a dispassionate: it is with a tax cut that enables companies to take on the next day. Serves a lot more and serves a mix of interventions. So it was just point about 80 euros but it will take some time to generate positive expectations in consumer behavior. Then we need the reforms, those that we are doing. I do not intend to interpret the Minister thought Padoan. The goal is to cut all spending unproductive. We have done a lot but it is clear that before touching sensitive areas will be made some political choices on the basis of the proposals of Commissioner Cottarelli. Any decision will be taken with the law of stability. I think that conceptually there are no no-go areas but at the same time, it is impossible not to take account of any social repercussions. I do not know. It seems to me that the Prime Minister has ruled out. I should add that the Government has its own economic agenda that is implementing. Mine is a strictly personal opinion. I’ve always said that greater flexibility in and out is good and righteous. The world has changed and you can change the rules now dated. Everything is still in a trial phase. We have prepared the "made in Italy" package to support small and medium-sized companies to internationalize. About 220 million euros of which 130 in 2015 and others in the next biennium. There are 70 thousand potentially exporting companies. We estimate that GDP could grow by one point in the three-year period and that the effects more will as early as 2015, the year in which it has focused greater financial stress. The impact is not trivial, potentially several hundred million euro especially against the food industry. The State would say no, we have the reserves to the maximum. Of course if the situation deteriorates would change everything. I don’t know of the Valley. I think its a great entrepreneur who sometimes does the columnist. I accept the criticism but I would like to know what is the measure that I picked up that does not fit. I am tired of generic statements. . Additional text can be inspected checking

Fear in Padua, a lightning strike damaged the exterior of the chapel degli Scrovegni.

The lightning is discharged on the base of spherical shaped stone above the main façade and has seriously damaged the cross, which already been removed. Will now be to ascertain damage to the roof, while it seems possible that he may have suffered consequences the fresco cycle-one of the world’s heritage of art-paintings from Giotto between 1303 and 1305. The historic building had been the subject of a full restore, run by the Central Restoration Institute, concluded in 2002. A very serious, commented prof. Giuliano Pisani, a former municipal councillor for culture, Giotto’s expert, commenting on the news of the damage revealed last night by a Paduan cultural association, the del Piovego Amissi, in total silence of the public authority. an absolutely scandalous fact-tagged Pisani-that this collapse is known only through an association and not the Municipality. Anything can happen, but here we are talking of Giotto’s Chapel, a heritage of mankind. As the Administration has not said anything?. According to Pisani, who could not yet see in person the monument, for unlikely frescoes have been damaged. The chapel has a lightning rod system, which clearly is not enough. A similar episode happened in Padua a few years ago, always with a lightning strike during a thunderstorm hit the cross of the Church of San Francesco, causing her to collapse. Pisani said he had recently asked that the State of conservation of the Giotto Chapel was convened a Summit of cultural heritage experts, to tackle problems like those of the crypt, which frequently remains flooded, and consolidation interventions with concrete facts in the years ‘ 60, they have ‘ irrigidit the flexibility of the structure. . Additional facts can be found visiting

Apple still fails to ban Samsung products in the United States.

Computer group Apple failed again Wednesday to ban the sale in the U.S. of smartphones manufactured by South Korean rival Samsung and that violate its patents. Apple filed a new motion in a Californian court following a ruling in May which found violations of patents of the American group by Samsung. However, in a decision made public Wednesday, the judge Lucy Koh found that Apple had not proved irreparable damage linked to one of the violations of patents from Samsung, which would justify a permanent ban of products concerned. Apple has not established that he had suffered damage important affecting its sales or reputation, nor established direct causation between such potential damage and the patent violation committed by Samsung, said the judge. It therefore dismissed the application for prohibition. This is a new setback for Apple in this case: Samsung had indeed fined in May of a fine of only 120 million dollars, much less than the 2 billion dollars claimed by the American group. Major technological groups engage in recent years in a real war of patent courts around the world. However, the confrontation between Apple and Samsung, which dominate the world market of smartphones and tablets, is particularly followed. The two groups have entered into a partial cease-fire earlier this month, announcing the abandonment of their reciprocal lawsuits in the world except the United States. Samsung has already condemned in this country to settle hundreds of millions of dollars to Apple. In addition to the fine of may, he was ordered to pay 930 million in total to two trial rivers in 2012 and 2013 before the same Court of California. Despite this conviction, Apple had not managed the time to prohibit the devices affected by Samsung, justice estimating have no evidence that the patents violated played a central role in the purchasing decisions of consumers. . Extended information can be inspected visiting

Kerber, and Petković at U.S. open next.

New York – Angelique Kerber cool and clarified, Andrea Petkovic cold and fearless: the two best German female tennis players in the summer heat of New York in the third round of the U.S. open moved in. Petkovic three sets against Monica Puig of Puerto Rico continued in a crazy game thanks to 6-3, 7-6 a catching up with 3-6, (7-5) by. In the third round, conceded only a warning for Racquet throwing the 26-year-old Darmstädterin with the score at 1:4, later donned with the referee, and griped about a supposed mistake before she perfect the lucky victory in the tiebreak. The Statthalters number 18 seed now meets the Dane Caroline Wozniacki or the Belarusian Qualifikantin Alexandra Sasnowitsch. But Kerber shows always incomprehensible jitters and uncertainty. So the left-handed in the second set allowed an early break to the 0:2 and struggled after a ball in the off: where do you play that only back out? Up to 4:4 wisely played out points and lightly contracted baseline shots alternated. With a loud come on she celebrated the break to 5-4 and then used her second match point. . Inspirational data could be studied clicking the following

Dominik Graf with Schiller in the Oscar race.

Count sensitively staged a moving love story with personal handwriting, the jury of the international representation of German films, German Films, in Munich the decision is justified. Director Graf responded enthusiastically: great! I am delighted! Schiller goes to Hollywood! The next hurdle for the costume drama, which has been running since July 31 in the cinema, is now the official nomination. On January 15 the Academy of motion Announces Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, what five films in the final selection for the best foreign language film. The Oscar ceremony is on 22 February. The German contribution for this year’s Oscar competition, the DDR-drama two lives, the nomination failed. Producer Uschi Reich thanked the jury: I am very happy that the movie is now such a great way, she told the News Agency dpa. In the United States, the film will come on December 24 in the cinema. Now, we must give us trouble all together and check that the film is known. . For extended information regarding this subject click resource.

Gaza, Netanyahu: “too early to say whether the calm will last.” Hamas leader back in public.

"It is too early to determine whether it was actually achieved an extended period of calm," said the Israeli premier Benyamin Netanyahu, taking toni cautious after his debut at a press conference claiming that Israel scored major successes on Hamas military and politicians with the operation in Gaza. After 50 days of fighting and death toll, the cease-fire holds and the Israeli premier palate to the nation: ‘ Hamas-said the premier was hit hard and didn’t get any of his demands in signing a ceasefire ". If the Truce will jump, reiterated the Israeli premier, if Hamas resumes launching of rockets from Gaza, "Israel will answer an even stronger than before."   Netanyahu’s speech came at the end of a day that began with the headlines Israelis set to strong skepticism about the outcome of the conflict in Gaza and continued with expressions of sorrow and anger towards the Government of the inhabitants of the western Negev, many of whom consider to be less secure today in their homes at the beginning of July. The pinnacle was touched with controversy to Netanyahu’s statements on the part of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman that the truce with Hamas is a serious error on the part of Israel. In the evening, broadcasters also have sent surveys from which transpired a strong disappointment of public opinion for the Government’s behavior in this crisis.   "Hamas didn’t get nothing, ‘ he repeated Netanyahu in the evening, in a televised press conference. "We must not let Also impress by their expressions of jubilation: who refuses to participate it receives a bullet in the head".   Netanyahu has then proceeded to dismiss with determination the criticism from right-wing members of his Government. «We don’t do populism on Facebook, we work for the security of Israel, "exclaimed by Lieberman and Ministers probably Naftali Bennett. Then stated that he had never fixed the objective of Israel ‘ Elimination ‘ of Hamas, an organization that has United with al-Qaida and Isis. "Even the United States, which are a power, they managed to eliminate al-Qaida," he noted. As for Isis, pointed out, with just half of the men of Hamas. According to Netanyahu, almost half of the Palestinians killed in the fighting in Gaza («about 1000 ‘) are ‘ terrorists ‘ enemies.   His words have not appeased the anxiety, however, thousands of inhabitants of the western Negev, mostly members of kibbutzim and agricultural labour, that villages were forced to evacuate in recent weeks because of Hamas fire hammered. Yesterday, while the truce was imminent, two of them were killed by a Hamas mortar. "If the Government had warned us in advance, we would have closed shelters», complained today. Their trust in Government remains very low at the moment. To days you reopen schools and parents should decide whether to overcome the trauma and return to the Negev or relocate elsewhere in Israel. About the duration of the truce, Netanyahu did not take commitments. According to a survey, the relative majority of Israelis think do not resist more than six months the EU has welcomed «welcome» a cease-fire in Gaza, but asks to ‘ respect ‘ and invites Israelis and Palestinians to "seize this opportunity to negotiate a comprehensive and sustainable agreement." The ‘ simple return to the situation before the last conflict is not an option ‘ stresses Brussels in a note, asking for an agreement that addresses the roots of the conflict, with the improvement of the socio-economic conditions in Gaza and stop threats to Israel by Hamas today, since the beginning of this last conflict, there was also the first public appearance of the Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh: short notice Haniyeh-50 days which was hidden in an unknown location-appeared in a Gaza City Square and has harangued the crowd. "Words are not enough, said Haniyeh-to describe this victory, which goes beyond the boundaries of time and space. This campaign was a war without precedent in the history of the conflict. " Haniyeh also has exalted the figure of military commanders of Hamas killed by Israel in recent days: "the blood of the martyrs led to the victory. The resistance took Israel by surprise and has appalled the world».   The inhabitants of Gaza City today have taken possession of their city, and walks. Yesterday, with the announcement of the truce, the population has dropped in the street to celebrate the ceasefire, but even these parties took a bitter turn when it was learned that the shots of jubilation in the air have killed a 20-year-old girl and wounded 40 other people. Today on Facebook there are those who accuse the organisers of these demonstrations of callousness: over two thousand families are still mourning, tens of thousands of other families have relatives injured in the hospital. Thus in the destroyed city that resumed life has also seen mourning: only today were erected traditional mourning tents where the families of the fallen receive guests for the condolences.   . Main source could be found clicking this

Ex – world champion: Xabi Alonso leaves Spanish national team.

Hamburg – he was world champion and twice European champion, now stop the Spaniard Xabi Alonso his career in the national team. I’m leaving the team. It is the most difficult thing to know when it’s time to say goodbye. But now that I’ve thought about it, I came to the conclusion, that it’s my time now to stop, writes the 32 year old in an open letter on the Spanish side of the Association. The Basque midfielder made a total of 114 games for the Selección since 2003 and scored 16 goals in this time. He was one of the basis of the most successful national team in the history of Spanish football, the 2008 and 2012 the EM – and 2010 won the World Cup title. It was a glorious time, I was part of a historic generation, remembers Alonso, therefore I have only words of gratitude for all those with whom I have spent more than a decade. . Similar data can be inspected visiting

Crazy prices in Rome, tourists plucked.

Rome is a beautiful city, but a tourist to visit must be ready for anything in particular must be able to spend more than in any other city of art. After the increases of 50% of parking lots and the abolition of oppressive and inexplicable daily rates and monthly, which tap tourists and Romans also, by next Monday it will double taxes at hotels that will become the highest in Italy. Will be up to 10-15 times more expensive than in London, Paris and Berlin. A counterproductive attitude that will not harm the tourism industry. If to this we add the abuses by some merchants, that in the Centre of Rome they charge Croissant and cappuccino also 10 Euro, if we add the problem of Taxi is one of the most expensive in Europe and conditions of increasingly non-existent public transportation, it comes easily to the conclusion that the Romans and tourists who come to visit the capital are truly heroic. The talks, in a statement, Federconsumatori. . You should read this to read extra on this great subject.

Day preview: What Thursday important is.

On Thursday, the negotiations on a sad case: who died at noon of the 7th January 2005 in cell 5. The 36-year old asylum seeker was backwards fixed on a mattress when a fire broke out. He burned. An accident? Or even murder? 2012, it had denounced a police officer fined. The dishes were so far convinced: Jallow had set fire to his mattress with a cigarette lighter. The policeman was sentenced because he attempts Jallows, hurting himself knew, but was imprisoned in one. The accused, the civil and the public prosecutor’s Office went to appeal. Meanwhile a new opinion came to the conclusion: the fire could have been created by a third party wants to stabilize the Western Europeand bring to the EU. So come the heads of Government, Foreign Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs on Thursday on the Federal Government’s initiative of and as well as the EU member countries and to a Conference in Berlin together. EU Commission President comes to the meeting in the Chancellor’s Office, which will be the prelude to a multi-year process with the aim to promote the reconciliation of the always still hostile, to standing with each other in some of the countries. . Main data can be found clicking the following article.

Medion P9514 S10334 in the test: the Aldi Tablet for 199 euros is good.

The metal case is atypical for the 200-euro class. Processing, there is not much to complain about, the housing has something only at great pressure. Keep the tablet in the wide landscape mode, notice the two front speakers to the right and the left edge of the housing. The sound is emitted directly to the user, however the speakers sound very tinny. Who want to watch movies on the go, you should use better headphones. The technical equipment can be seen for the price range: the 1.6 GHz fast quad core processor achieved nearly 20 000 points in the AnTuTu benchmark, it is about as fast as the Samsung Galaxy touch 2nd Dennochgibt it a slight delay in entries – here should help Medion via software update. The most current 3D games run without a hitch, not always smooth run demanding games. The internal memory is 16 gigabytes, it can be expanded via microSD card up to 128 gigabytes. Are likely to get even series junkies over the holidays. Radio equipment 4. P9514 Bluetooth brings 0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n standard to the 802. The modern dual-band Wi-Fi is not supported in the 5-gigahertz band – at a price of $199, it’s bearable. One looks in vain for mobile Internet via 3 G or LTE. The built a GPS chip can be used as a navigation device, however, it took in our test pretty much until the Tablet has to receive a GPS signal. . For additional regarding this subject read