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«Bollinata» maneuver, the new cuts.

A long and complex work of verification of 47 articles that comprise the Ddl and the annexes which, more than ever this year, represent the compass for orientation especially on the scope of the slimming cure which will be ministries, institutions of constitutional relevance (by the Court of Auditors to Tar), public bodies (by Istat to foreign trade) and international organisations (UN overhead). A complex puzzle that in total already announced by the premier, Matteo Renzi, will lead to an overall reduction of expenses of the State for at least 6.1 billion. A large part comes from ministries, from 2.5 billion to individual expenditure items of direct competence of ministries with portfolio. In addition to cuts expressly encoded in section III of the Bill under industry Measures, they range from 5% reduction of transfers to Rai Tv fees to defence housing sales, and that together they should reduce spending to over 1.4 billion (see the Sun 24 Hours last Saturday, you must add 1.017 billion arising from reductions in budgets at the disposal of various Ministers. In this case, the cuts, the work of skimming of the proposals received in the past few weeks to the economy by individual ministries, see first the defense with 504 million reduction contributes to 50% of the total cut. Of these 504 million well will revision 496 of expenses for planning of the armed forces and military supplies. Other heavy scissor kick coming for the statement that will be close to other 148.6 million. With a cut of around 55 million to secondary education at first instance, of 36 million to primary education and other 30 for preschool. Justice and the Interior are the other two ministries that are reducing funds, respectively, for 102 million and 100 million. The Minister of justice focuses on Civil and criminal justice (64.1 million) and almost everything on the penitentiary administration (36.1 million). From the Viminale savings will hit especially the public order and security with a cut of about 74 million on a total of 100 laid down in list 2. These resources cover 42.7 to contrast and the protection of public order and about 30 allocated for planning and coordination of Police Forces. In the mosaic of the cuts come ministries of law the 38.7 million shown in table D annexed to 2015 and stability showing the detail of the reductions made to the permissions of the current spending bill already arranged. Ten detailed pages that include cutting contributions to broadcasters, those on sustainable development and the protection of the land and the environment, the Fund for training and upgrading of school leadership, or training in Pa. But the spending review under Renzi is not limited only to the ministries. In the viewfinder are also finished 43 agencies and public bodies. These will contribute to the reduction of costs for little more than 22 million. Istat, for example, will reduce the transfers, as from 2015, to 2 million. While the Agea resource reduction will be 3 million. Same for the valorisation of the Institute of technology. Penalized abroad promoting the internationalization of enterprises and the attraction of foreign investments that will cut funds to over 1.5 million. The same Canton will cut 100,000 euro immediately the sum that has yet to be assigned to the anti-corruption authorities. The spending made in italy will not spare even the contributions to international organizations. Of the 25 million savings well 20 will be under UN and other 3 under the Osce. Finally, a total of 10 million will come from cutting the budgets of important constitutional organs: approx. 6 will be by the Court of Auditors and 3.2 from the State Council and Tar. Among the items of expenditure reduction, there are also those capital expenditures (about 864 million indicated in table E) impacting on missions and ministries programs including 463.7 million cut to the Fund for development and cohesion, the 200 million grant for Fs systems. but there are also 75 million cut for the urban enclaves and 25 million for Tetratechnological network of communication between law enforcement agencies. . Inspirational source could be read reading the following home page.

Champions League: 0:4-victory against Galatasaray – BVB storms of crisis.

With a dream record in the Champions League despite Borussia Dortmund of the Bundesliga crisis. 4-0 (3-0) against Galatasaray, the third victory in a row and a big step in the direction of managed knockout at Borussia Dortmund. Thanks to goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (6 / 18 minute), runner-up skidded in the 14 Championship Marco Reus (41) and Adrian Ramos (83) drew new courage for the coming heavy national tasks. Three opening victories in the premier-class were successful last in the season 1996/97 the Turf Club – at the end was the triumph in the final in Munich. In Istanbul the lost virtues of Borussia Dortmund came back from 48 000 spectators in the Turk Telekom arena revealed. The defense was sure, switching play worked excellent and front almost every shot was a hit. Completely puzzling why the BVB as bad as for 27 years is no longer starts in the Bundesliga. Intelligently and passionately wanted to play, had coach Jürgen Klopp given as direction. In Champions League group D Dortmund arsenal and R.S.C. Anderlecht now leads with nine points before FC confidently. . Inspirational source could be studied visiting the following

Unique census of more than 500 exocometes around a same star.

A French team of astronomers studied nearly 500 separate comets around the star Beta Pictoris, located about 63 light-years from the Sun, making the largest census in this day of exocometes belonging to a same exoplanetary system. An exocomete or extrasolar Comet is a comet orbiting a star outside our solar system. For the first time, a statistical study determined the shape and the orbit of a large number of exocometes, stressed Flavien Kiefer, of the Institut d’Astrophysique in Paris, lead author of the study published Wednesday in the British journal Nature. This work offers a great overview of the mechanisms at work in the solar system, shortly after its formation 4.6 billion years ago, he added. Beta Pictoris is indeed a star young, aged twenty million years only and surrounded by a vast disk of material, gas and dust from the evaporation of comets and asteroid collisions. It is a good example of young planetary system that resembles what was to be our own solar system just after its formation, say scientists. The detailed observations of Beta Pictoris exocometes we provide keys to understanding the processes at work in this type of young planetary system, said Flavien Kiefer, quoted in a release from the European Southern Observatory (ESO). The French team analyzed more than 1. 000 observations made between 2003 and 2011 using the Harps spectrograph, an instrument that team the telescope of the ESO installed at the La Silla Observatory in the Chile. Researchers have selected a sample of 493 exoplanets, which analysis has revealed the existence of two distinct families. The exocometes of the first family, elderly, are characterized by a wide variety of orbits and low emissions of gas and dust. This suggests that these comets have exhausted their reserves of ice over their multiple passages near Beta Pictoris, according to ESO. The second family includes well more active exocometes, describing similar orbits. They would be from the splitting of a higher size object. Different families of comets also inhabit the solar system. Comets are small bodies of a few kilometres in diameter, rich in ice, that evaporate close to their star, thus creating enormous tails of gas and dust. The exocometes are difficult to observe, because their low glow is masked by the extreme brightness of their star. . Main facts may be read visiting this

Canada, the family finds more than 100 snakes in the House.

Fear and disbelief for a Canadian family that back home he found ben 102 snakes were crawling on the floor of the House. The family earlier had noticed some snakes out of the House, but soon after found out that the reptiles were also in the House, especially in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Fortunately the snakes found were the so-called garter snakes, very widespread in North America and are considered harmless to humans. The couple, however, after discovering that the reptiles were occupying the whole House called the Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center that sent in a short time his men to capture the snakes. The animal does not seem to have been very complicated because, as explained by the experts, no snakes were moving very quickly because it was already started hibernating. Gli uomini del Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center have captured the animals and have them separated by size. The longest was almost a meter while the smallest was about nine inches. As explained to experts, it is not uncommon that snakes seek shelter in houses when it starts to get cold. "They were beginning to end up anywhere in the House. For the most part were in confined spaces: cracks in floors, cracks in walls, between the boxes and anywhere that could become a suitable place for lethargy, "said one of the men who rescued the House from animals. However, experts believe that you should not be alarmed if you find this species of snakes in the House because they do not constitute "a threat to humans due to the lack of teeth and jaw strength". . You must check this weblink to discover more about this great subject.

Magic Leap: Google and co. to invest 542 million in mysterious start-up.

Magic Leap is only three years old – and already often speculated what the company in Florida actually works. In February beat disputed around for example venture, after the company has managed to collect $50 million in investment costs: we still not sure what makes Magic Leap, but we know that it is real science fiction stuff. It is clear that it comes to augmented reality. And to a portable device, a wearable, so 3D glasses like the oculus rift or project Morpheus. The company that developed the oculus rift, was purchased this year by Facebook for good two billion dollars. Now, Google may follow in this area. What is different or better than the competition, just Magic Leap is not known – and it’s made a big secret about. The company website gives little answers. Rather is attempting here to make mysterious and exciting company. In the presentation of the company, it is said: we know what you are thinking: ‘ who the heck are we? What is here? Why not tell her?’ And you’re right, we need to say a bit more about what we develop. So, what is a Magic Leap? Magic Leap is an idea. The concept with the secrecy seems to be: it is rumored and puzzled, in media, but also in social networks. Rumored Magic Leap will project images directly in the eye and develop a rocket for the senses. What the company has actually in petto, remains to be seen. On its Web site, the team anyway, promises to reveal more soon. Let’s just hope that there then is more than just a few phrases. . For more data about this matter visit

Behind the fear of the EIS, the militias ambushed in Iraq.

Midnight had barely passed when the sound of shots came tearing up the curfew that immerses each evening Baghdad in silence, and awaken fears of attack Jihadist on the Iraqi capital. When I heard the shots, I told myself: + this is it, it (the Group Islamic State) in Baghdad, witness Mohammed al-Karradi, a resident of the neighbourhood of Karrada, in central Baghdad. I said to my wife + take your business, picks up your jewelry and gold tone, and am ready to flee. But the men of the EIS are still stuck to several tens of kilometres from Baghdad. This is another battle that was played Sunday night between police and dozens of Shiite militiamen, according to police and military sources. Heavy reinforcements of fire, she came recalled the risks associated with the power of Shiite militias, which help the Government to fight against the Sunni Jihadists, but defy its authority and threatens to rekindle sectarian tensions in a country already deeply divided. The shooting Sunday finds its origin in September when the militiamen of Asaib Ahl al – Haq (‘the League of the righteous’) remove Sara Hamid Niran, a Kurdish businesswoman, cousin of Deputy Prime Minister Rouch Nwri Shaways, explained officials told AFP. They require, according to the same sources, a ransom of two billion dinars (1.3 million euros), a common practice for Shiite militias in Iraq, according to a recent report by Amnesty international. But after several weeks of captivity, the businesswoman manages to escape through a window and rushes to the first checkpoint, reports a police officer. After listening to his story, the police called reinforcements to hunt down his kidnappers. We first thought they were a gang of common law before many militiamen, said another officer. -Nothing can stop them-these men owned Asaib Ahl al – Haq, one of the most violent militias in Iraq according to security forces, then blocked the street with 4 x 4 vehicles. They demanded police that they make them hostage or they would be all killed, according to him. The police had to send an armored vehicle to break the dam of the militiamen, who welcomed him by a barrage of fire. Miraculously, only four policemen were injured, according to their hierarchy. It is unclear whether members of Asaib Ahl al – Haq have been killed or injured, the militia could not be contacted. The police claim to have arrested two of its members. These militiamen have no respect for our controls and we have more and more problems, sighs a police captain, who gives only his first name, Ali. We feel no longer have the necessary support from our hierarchy to manage. We have the order to prevent them from moving and to bear arms, but we have no way to apply it, he laments. This police officer says that the militias were more controlled when Nouri al-Maliki was Prime Minister. Now, it’s as if nothing could stop them. They make us afraid. Still stationed in the first days of the offensive launched in June by the EI, Mr. al – Maliki has promoted the revival of the controversial Shia militias in relying on them in the fight against the jihadists. Since then, the human rights organization have multiplied warnings, accusing militias of a litany of crimes, including summary executions and torture. A recent report by Amnesty international also stresses the impunity they enjoy in the country, despite their responsibility in the bloody sectarian conflict in 2006-2007. The departure of Mr. Maliki has not signed the end of their power: his successor Haidar al-Abadi has just appointed to the Ministry of the Interior Mohammed al-Ghabban, of the Badr group, linked to the powerful militia of the same name. . Root source could be read reading this

Weather in Germany: Gonzalo brings severe weather, storm surge, and snow.

First autumn storms have caused Germany’s major damage in parts. Firefighters and police were out in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria to hundreds of missions. Several rail links and roads had to be closed at times in the evening and into the night on Wednesday because of the storm and fallen trees. No one was injured, according to the first findings. In South Germany, there were massive traffic delays especially in Baden-Württemberg. According to a railway spokesman, in particular the regional traffic was affected. Long-haul transport resulted in no major adverse effects. Nine railway lines were sometimes completely blocked. Between Sankt Georgen and Hornberg in the Black Forest, a regional express collided with a tree. In Bavaria, there were closures on 14 routes. Two S – Bahn lines in Munich were affected, the spokesman said. At 0 49 first floods reached the lower Saxon Cuxhafen. All levels of the Elbe and Weser area as well as on the North Sea remained but so far under 1.50 meters, said a spokeswoman for the Federal Office of maritime and hydrographic Agency (BSH) in Hamburg. In Hamburg-St. Pauli, the level was 1.36 metres at 5. 7. . You can click the following article to discover more about this amazing subject.

Hygiene scandal at University Hospital Mannheim: dead insect in the surgical instruments.

In October 2013, a doctor complaining about serious deficiencies in the operation device: screens are regular (note the ED.: tool boxes) incomplete packed or instruments and equipment not fully functional. And further: in my OP today four instruments were missing. At about the same time were detected after mirror-ONLINE information in two seven of the orthopaedics Department of staphylococci. The finding was reported also the Executive Board. Remedy was apparently not. The Mannheim staff seemingly desperate on the inaction of those responsible. In November 2013 was to read CIRS: patients must be moved, because there are not enough instruments/screens in a House of the maximum power available. And a few days later almost pleading: Please, please let it not come, that saves patients to death. More, much more personal in the Steri (note the ED.: sterilization area). On top of that, an open dispute between the city, which operates the clinic, and the University part of the faculty, has broken out. The medicine Dean at Lord Mayor and Chairman of the Supervisory Council Peter Kurz (SPD) writes in an open letter: it has not been previously comparable operations to our knowledge at a German university clinic. The reputation of the Faculty was Germany sustained damaged. The shortcomings were due a business calculation and will cost reductions. Short saw the letter as a declaration of war. He continues by a well-run House and sees a unique process of self risk to the faculty, which hardly more possible make a trusting cooperation with the Faculty of management, the Mannheimer reported tomorrow. For Wednesday, he has convened the Supervisory Board for a special meeting and announced before the Chief physicians to want to talk to. Pushing the talks, because now also civil consequences threaten. A lawyer checks a claim for damages on behalf of today 66, which in a knee surgery in 2009 moved to an infection and I’m still on crutches. It came in the surgical field under the knife, in which the most complaints of unsteriler instruments were attacked. . You must visit this article to learn extra about this amazing topic.

Listening: the most important music of the week.

Mono – the last dawn + rays of darkness (pelagic/cargo, from 24 October) at the beginning was a piece of paper, I had found. Take leave, stood out. Take parting, I said several times softly down before me. Shortly thereafter, I met the dead. My grandmother, who was her entire life only in the kitchen, had once again made pancakes, my grandfather got out of a train, stepped out from the Golden tunnel, Millennium actress by Satoshi Kon, I thought cancer, also dead, of course. Then the plates from the youth room, nevermind, reckless, keep the faith ran again, songs of love and hate, and it’s A Shame About Ray. My gaze fell on the two new Mono plates, the last dawn and rays of darkness: I had installed nothing up in the past few weeks, more often, because hymn to the immortal wind and for my parents had connected on Mono to the top 3 bands of this Millennium. Previously, post rock stop, also great, but not so tragic, stricken, educationally and significantly later. Japanese, whose Konzerte cracking make one cry, which read safely also Nietzsche as Makoto Hasebe. Probably the oldest, dumbest, ausgelutschteste plates be spokesman cliché is dusted off somewhere from old friend, long not seen, which suddenly knocks on your door. Now you could write also a lot about the last dawn and rays of darkness, about the drips piano, glockenspiel, the guitars, which bend slowly to the abyss, the missing voice, that simply must be missing in Mono (exception: there are fantastic growls in the hand that holds the truth), fresh blood, and the friendly elegance of this burial artist, this taxidermy of light and darkness, hallowed be your name, beyond of all, now and forever. Or, to put it quite bluntly: should listen to you, do not read. The last dawn is slightly brighter than rays of darkness, but both go together, a lush, solid woven thickets, rocket science, that bathed in tears and you slowly breaks into pieces (recoil, ignite) or sore heart connects you (glory). 5 centimeters per second than Opera, and at the same time the most moving music of the year 2014. No Mono? Then we have lived for nothing. The last Dawn (9 3), rays of darkness (9-2). Jan Wigger breathing, an everyday operation. Who but ever experienced has, like shortness of breath feels, was gasping for air, always krampfhafter, panic, the possibility of asphyxiation suddenly real, who knows what is this seemingly obvious feature of human survival for a fragile construct. It is an experience that is producing profoundly shocking, very existential humility. Fitting so that the new album New York alias Pharmakon begins noise artist Margaret Chardiet with breathing, hectic, hyper-ventilating breathing over a swelling noise. Vacuum is the only one and a half minutes long track that immediately grabs one immediately at the throat. Pharmakons music, if you want to call that their extreme, unnerving discovery of human voice and electronically generated noise, has this power: it calls for total, unconditional attention and biggest pain tolerance. That in this extremism is something beautiful, extraordinary explained to me once abandon the 23-year-old in an interview about her debut EP. A few months later, she wanted to start watching their first European tour, had to undergo after severe attacks of pain lasting of emergency surgery Chardiet: A 12 centimeter-long cyst had formed on one of their internal organs, to remove them, had to cut the doctors among other things by the abdominal muscle. A pain spent Chardiet after long weeks in the hospital, every movement, every set up. Beside her was a man dying, cried after his daughter, who never showed up. Bestial burden is the musical testimony to this bad trip, the processing of emotion, to be sent in the anesthesia and not knowing which organs, what parts of the body after waking up would be missing. The independence, the functions of your own body as well as the hospital machinery, dependence on physical processes, the natural, organic limitations of human existence, the whole archaic load of the own bestiality, all that was before this major event theme of art by Pharmakon. The recent experiences were now apparently for a further intensification, as well as for increased sovereignty, with the Chardiet roared up to their demons exorcised the hoarseness and animalistic alienation – about metallic loops and light hiss as in the aural chaos of war by intent or instinct or been, even coughing and vomiting over the staccato beat of primitive struggle. Pharmakons sound has become so absurd as that sounds, a quiet, light-footed, less oppressive, almost already meditative transzendierend in some moments (bestial burden), but always still fascinating viscerally. An experience not only with the soul, but with the whole body exposure of human nature. (8 2) Andreas Borcholte must request music, says Andreas Chancellor Kohl in the second edition of the deaf appeared this time in glutrot forever magazine. Exactly, and at this point, it enters ponder: July, Tokyo hotel, Münchener Freiheit, Soft Rock, and Kim dotcom snag for yachts and sailboats: again I had dealt for months solely with musicians, just calling me that are just plain pleasant, affable, likeable. But it is a world of Graf Unheilig and Kim Jong un disappear without notice, married Joanna Newsom in a world in which you may no longer see Brooklyn nine-nine since Andy Samberg, get even more trouble in the House? One could also Thurston Moore just whistle for 100 years. integral part of one of the most important and best rock bands of all time, who doesn’t know that, can make no high school diploma (my geography teacher Apel in spring 1993). The king has come to meet the band / the king has come with no demand know Moore, and skin with speak to the one of the greatest post-Sonic Youth tracks wild at all out. Forevermore is at least the same level and similarly long, this wonderful Schrammeleien, with much more time, space, and will to the formulation, to the figures as at the clearly challanging, acclaimed by colleague Borcholte Chelsea light moving. Would be crazy, you could be the best day quite as time travel (a similarly nasty Word like navel-gazing) Sonic Youth through three decades: tape is reminiscent of the A thousand leaves era (and the title song, as appropriate, on Sunday, by Harmony KORINE), detonation of Evol, and vocabularies at the excellent NYC ghosts and flowers, with its 0 0 standings are the popular geek trail Pitchfork. com anno 2000 even disqualified. Bottom line: It is a pleasure to always tender roaring, whining and Gequietsche (and the things that may be termed a maybe even ballads) of the best day in the bed to slowly fall. And now? Wait patiently on the new Ariel pink a few weeks. (8 0) Jan Wigger Whatever I do, I do not repent, I keep pissing against the moon, sings Elias Bender Rønnenfelt in a piece of third iceage plate. Actually, it’s more a wheezing, an atemloses, almost this groan. No wonder two albums long the Danes with a mighty noise against all the walls are running against the man simply runs on as post adolescent outlaw. Angry, triste, cold biting songs like Coalition, admitted White Rune or new Brigade comparisons with Joy Division as well as with the East Coast post punks of the late 1980s. Plowing into The fields of love now marks a step forward not in the State of relaxation, but in an adult self-awareness. This is evident first musical in use of more punk foreign instruments as exotic accents, which accentuate the familiar rumble sound, sometimes even irritating contrast piano, trumpet and mandolin – like in the beautiful desperate how many, his slicing guitar riff by rhythmically opposing piano chords is grounded and dissonant thwarted. A very good metaphor for the common sense insights that curb the youthful storm and urge, as you get older. Anger coagulates to bitterness and melancholy: I have a sense of utopia / of what I truly ought to do, Rønnenfelt sings still, but the anger of former days no longer flows into noise attacks, but distribute in better music and lyrically more competent, strong image bleakness. For the first time, singer Rønnenfelt dares as one hears also thanks to better knowledge of English, his voice more to the fore. Grunting, moaning, guttural wailing accompanied with his feverish talk that repeatedly reminds of the Wilder moments of bad seeds (about tender prey-phase), especially in the epic glassy eyed, dormant and veiled and in the subsequent album heart of stay. Launigere songs such as let it vanish or the pub popular song the Lord’s favorite rather evoke the cheeky nihilism of the Libertines. But despite all the references inevitable in this genre and comparisons, iceage not lose at this step in the serenity. On the contrary. To get going on the beautiful image of the Moon anpissens: your outpourings from the emotional freezer now slowly get a characteristic fragrance. (7 7) Andreas Borcholte. For extra information on this topic click

Quarrel about literature: Methods of Securitate?.

Morality is not a private matter. Especially not when it comes to dealing with suspected spies and informers in a totalitarian regime. The poor snitch was in her essay the author Sabina Kienlechner. The Romania-German writer and the legal debacle of the Securitate refurbishment, which appeared in March 2014 in the journal mind and form. Now it seems, the literary historian of victims themselves similar obfuscation methods had become, as she reveals in her essay and complained. The courts, according to Kienlechners thesis, would allow in their judgments the privacy protection of the perpetrators as the refurbishment and truth on pages of the victims usually greater weight. The perceptive text had been banned in the summer Court by an injunction. The Romanian-German writer Claus Stephani, who was described by Kienlechner in her essay as alleged spies, sees his personality rights violated. Instead he complained in the same thing already against the journalist Richard Wagner and Stefan Sienerth, Director of the Institute for German culture and history of South-Eastern Europe at the Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-University: with success, in several cases was a top priority the Stephani rights by the Court. The author points to the problematic restriction of the press and freedom of expression in her essay, now she must rely in their own case on the fact. If such a text before the Court, he is already dead, Kienlechner says that along with the editor-in-Chief of meaning and form, Matthias Weichelt, fought in October before the Munich regional court for a reappearance of their essays. I would like to occur the reader towards a living being and not like a crazy dish machine. Also judge Mittelsten Scheid regretted the renewed meeting of the two parties end of September before the District Court of Munich, it was the wrong place for a confrontation in this thing that actually requires a common journey in archives. A representation of the own point of view is apparently not important Stephani. Stephani lawyer disagreed with the proposal formulated in court, where sense and form the writer acknowledged a guest post in their magazine. Kienlechner sees it as an error, that Sanjay would write no reply, so he could convince anyone of his innocence? Taking a look at the blog of the writer, it does not seems, Stephani had no interest in a depiction of the own mood. The media coverage he describes there as late vendetta and looks set to be pilloried. Even 25 years after the fall of the wall there are in things still to work on german Romanian past. . For extended data on this subject click hyperlink.