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The Madonna against a doctor who died in Africa: challenge at the last vote for the name of the Hospital of Biella.

An exciting challenge and last vote between the Madonna and a lay volunteer died in Africa ten years ago. Post up for grabs: the naming of the new hospital of Biella, a provincial capital of Piedmont. The new health facility will be open to patients in the coming months, but is already fighting on the name. The leaders of the local Asl had proposed to call the hospital "Our Lady of Oropa", worshipped in the area. The Mayor of Biella Cashmore, however, has opposed stating that the name of a public structure must reflect the values of secularism of the State, sparking anger and protests of a part of the population, that his lady holds precious. The Mayor has, then, tried to mediate with the students choose the name through a poll on the internet that is open, in the end, the vote of anyone to pass on the site www. biellascuole. it four options proposed by the city. Two don’t like practically anyone, because objectively bad: "Ospedale degli infermi di Biella" and "Ospedale civile di Biella". For them, so far, only a handful of votes. It is now around five thousand votes each, instead, and give life to a tight fight head-to-head, the two other names in contention: "Biella Hospital our Lady of Oropa" and "Biella Hospital Maria Bonino". For now the Blessed Virgin is the slight drawback, but you know, in this kind of competitions until the end anything can change. The Bonino, died in Angola in 2005 to 52 years, was a pediatrician who had dedicated his entire life to African children. The woman was hit by the Marburg virus, very similar to Ebola, for not having wanted to leave his work in favour of the poorest despite knowing that her health was very serious risks. In 2006 the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano the awarded a posthumous Gold Medal of merit for public health, the highest honor the State planned for a doctor. The Bonino is an important figure, unfortunately little known even by the same biellesi. Everyone in town, instead they know our Lady of Oropa and its ancient shrine, which houses a statue of the Black Madonna. The statue, according to tradition, was brought from Palestine in Biella by St. Eusebius in the fourth century after Christ, but, in reality, is a work of the thirteenth century. The Mayor Cashmore, a lawyer at the head of a centre-left coalition, which describes itself on its website as "Catholic, firmly convinced of the secularity of politics," he explained to a local site that call the hospital "Madonna of Oropa is a stretch" as "the name cannot and must not be an expression of that, however, I can also recognize. "The first citizen of Biella has also attacked the Director-General of the territory’s Asl, Gianfranco Zulian which should realize" that a denominational name is not suitable. " To date it is unclear whether the challenge to win votes will be the Madonna or the pediatrician Friend of children. To be sure, will not win common sense. . For more on this topic check

Reggio Calabria, dissolved for mafia, back to vote.

Reggio Calabria-the big cheat. The cries the Center. Indeed writes, since has written to letters on four notebooks running semi-clandestinely to the city, accompanying the slogan with a subtitle that plays a fierce defense of the 10 years in which he ruled the city of Reggio Calabria: "the truth is stronger than any lie". Do not specify that the truths are always biased and clarifies share "from where": from management that led to the breakup for mafia or contiguity of Commissioners? The answer is obvious. The big ripoff. The centre-left also cries. But prefers to emphasize, during the election campaign, that the city is "a step away from turning", and that "it is the moment of courage ‘. Maybe the pitch is to the brink and perhaps more than courage, there is recklessness. Once the fantasy was in power. Today it is not even in the electoral competition, since the two main sides that tomorrow, Sunday, 26 October, will face off in the first round for the renewal of the Municipal Council of Reggio Calabria, repeat and accuse in speeches and in debates, bringing each slogan, to their advantage. It should not be forgotten that in the last 20 years have divided the administrative power and the results are under the eyes of everyone. Not sufficient, though, even the imagination to be able to save from an uncertain future this city of 184. in 962, dissolved for Mafia link by the Government upon proposal by the Interior Ministry on October 9, 2012 (the Tar of Lazio confirmed the decision on November 2, 2013) and then conferred for two years at a backhoe Commissioner who made the somersaults to manage without fail. The Court of Auditors. The reality is that the coffers are empty despite the municipal tax rate skyrocketing, so much so that in the explanatory memorandum filed in February 2014, with which the Court however return ten years plan presented by Commissioners to heal the budget hole, quote reads: "the overall picture of reliefs held highlights, ictu oculi, as several" inconsistencies "are found essentially the outcome of serious financial situation in which pays now for a long time the institution areaand certainly not the result of inefficiencies or merely shortcomings attributable to the Commission’s extraordinary responsibility for over a year now governs the Town. " The Commission should be commended for extraordinary "have made every effort, in the face of the serious financial situation found, to try to stem the negative outcomes of past exploitation ‘. The Court points out that "it might perhaps be appropriate for the Commissioner management continues until complete reimbursement of Municipal House to the constitutional principle of the good performance of the public administration". . You should read the following home page to learn more about this amazing topic.

The hippy seduced by secret agent So Scotland Yard exchanged lives.

Scotland Yard may not think they have closed the case by paying 425 thousand pounds (540 million euros) to Jacqui to compensate it for what she has called «rape» status. The legendary London Police presented its apologies and promised that it won’t happen but what his ‘ brave ‘ infiltrators in environmental movements and the left have combined in the 1980s and 1990s, remains and will remain a bad stain in the history of "undercover operations". More than medals. Shame. That sex is the best weapon to bring home some important tip can also be true (the reality, cinema and literature teaching). And even normal. But Bob Lambert, former agent of «Special Demonstration Squad», special teams from Scotland Yard, went well gives duties of (former) young James Bond. In 1984 he was asked to sneak in «ecologic formations and animal rights ‘. In there there were dangerous terrorists (who were elsewhere) but this was the order and he’s young, with long hair and the paraphernalia of political activism, convinced it passed to the action. As Bob «Robinson» met a girlfriend, Jacqui (a fancy name for not revealing the true identity) that, then 22 years old, played in organizations under observation. They ended up in bed (against their will) and she became pregnant. Bob played the part of lover, was present at birth, but on Saturday and Sunday, returning to his family, and wrote reports for Scotland Yard. The farce (or worse) continued until Bob, a couple of years later, disappeared. «Escape abroad-told Jacqui-I search the police» (confirmed). Returned instead in the ranks, gaining promotion to inspector, not caring about Jacqui’s baby, and that was her baby. If not that, in 2012, Jacqui learned by chance an inchiestasulle infiltration of Scotland Yard in groups of environmentalism. And who himself as snoops? His Bob «Robinson», or rather Bob Lambert, which he had decamped from 1986 and who had met the real wife and other two children. Seduced and abandoned for reasons of State. Scotland Yard would both wanted to keep the story buried under tons of sand, but rather because the Guardian has uncovered the network of infiltrators and partly because the same Bob, once left the police, explained everything, has now had to compensate Jacqui. But it has dropped the curtain. The Ministry of the Interior has an open investigation: 10 women accuse of having always suffered, the 1980s and 1990s, the same treatment by agents in disguise. Read. Fake lovers. The fake priests. Snoops. If there is violence, what is?. You can visit the following to read more about this amazing matter.

From live on Mars? One day, my son will join me.

March One, a Dutch company to not-for-profit, displays a crazy ambition: found the first human colony on the red planet. Early departures scheduled to 2024, with futures, the project of the people. Ice trapped in rocks, minerals and other resources of the red planet one day allow the terraforming, in other words to create an atmosphere and conditions conducive to life. Meanwhile, the settlers will live in tiny bases where they will face at all. Because the environment on Mars will be the most hostile: ultra-siberiennes temperatures (up to-140 ° C depending on the time and the area of the planet), radiation and harmful dust. And the living conditions of 100% Spartans: food vegetable or artificial, confinement in capsules 24 hours except sprees in scuba. A group of four American students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also comes from a highly critical study about the chances of survival of the future marsonautes. According to their calculations, taking into account the size of housing, projected logistics modules and the delay of delivery of spare parts, the pioneers will face hunger in a few weeks and dead of hunger after 68 days. And if they do not perish due to lack of food, lack of breathable air, intoxicated by the overflow of oxygen released by their vegetable plantations in a closed environment. Like all children in the USSR, I have always dreamed to become a cosmonaut. When I’ve heard of March One, I said to myself: ‘This is my last chance!’ I had a priori a good life, a good job, my family, friends around me, but all wasn’t enough me,. Since I dared submit my candidacy, I feel that I have an incredible energy! Go settle on a new planet, it would be the culmination of all my experiences. And becoming an astronaut is the dream of any kid, I’m ready to go all the way. I eat more meat, more milk, I lost 15 pounds. On the internet, I received feedback fairly aggressive, people who think it’s money wasted or well taking us to a suicidal,. My father, he understands me and supports me. It is even, I believe, quite proud of me. Today, many people don’t care about nothing, believe in nothing. My promo students do not know what they want to do. We live in a world of closed doors. I would like to contribute to restore want others to accomplish something. When I heard about the project, I first thought it was a joke, then their site has convinced me and I decided to try. In a few months, I’ll be doctor, but so many things fascinate me. I want to study of cinema, becoming a filmmaker, but also psychoanalyst, then the idea of having years before me to investigate all areas pleases me enormously. Isolation does not make me afraid. I grew up making camps, learning to live with little water, little food. I’m excited by the idea of starting turning another planet, to have this freedom to invent daring new things. Whatever happens, I will leave Italy, my parents, my friends, to study in the United States. They talk, they will be on Skype,. On Mars, it’s just a little more away, and there is only a twenty minute delay in transmission. . Related information can be read clicking source.

Talking about sex to her children: from what age? The advice of child psychiatrists.

SEXUALITY – The Kitty and the kiki, the Zapata and zizi, sex what. Easier to joke in between adults to talk to a child or a teenager who asks a thousand questions on the subject. In addition to books and very rare course sex education taught in school, there are the most original initiatives such as the exhibition underway in Paris, sexual Zizi. A fun dive in sexuality in the company of Michael and Nadia, the two heroes created by Zep for youth from ages 9 to 14. The infant, explains psychologist Serge Hefez, is faced with a body that is a mystery. It feels sensations adults handle and especially, it includes some areas to put the evil adults uncomfortable. When he discovers his body, he also notes that these same parties can bring a feeling of pleasure. It is therefore very early aware of sex. At the time of the bath, it will also understand pretty quickly that boys have a visible sex and that girls are not. We must reassure them, explains Marcel Rufo, tell the boys that their sex will not fall or soar and girls they have they also a sex which is inside their bellies. Who said questions, necessarily answers. The best is yet to get agreement within the couple on the level of details. For little girls for example, one can enjoy a question about the absence of penis to clarify things a little more: it is an opportunity to highlight sex serves not just to pee, but it also houses a ‘hole’ which allows to enter the small seed and push out the baby. No need to go forward at this stage, advises pediatrician Edwige Antier. It is in its earliest years the child laid the foundations for his future emotional and sexual, says Edwige Antier. Respond without shame or embarrassment to his questions, reacting calmly to his actions or explain clearly prohibited incest for example, allows him to send a healthy image of sexuality and of establishing a climate of trust between parents and children. Say nothing, do not respond, is returning to establish a malaise, discomfort reciprocal which may later hinder a fulfilling sex life. According to who, 12 years would be the ideal age to start courses on sexuality. In this recommendation, the World Health Organization intends to strengthen the fight against unwanted pregnancies. In France, the sexuality is addressed in school at the primary cycle 3 (CE2, CM1 and CM2), between 9 and 11 years. For example, here is a document used in a CM2 class by a teacher of the Nièvre in the chapter entitled human reproduction. Boys enter them in a period where they will be the real forgotten sex according to Marcel Rufo. As girls, their body changes a lot, they will know their first erections, do not forget them. They are presumed to be strong, but they are not, says Marcel Rufo. This is not because a child asks no questions that is not questioned. Without forcing the discussion, one can enjoy a show on TV, a movie or a series to discuss sexuality and puberty. So really the dialogue is difficult, the important thing is that it can turn to a big brother, a cousin, or even family physician. In 2012, a sex education manual Make love, made a lot of noise in Germany. Editions Marabout in released a French version in September 2014. Written by a journalist and a sociologist, this book if an informed public address as mentioned in the coverage. The duo tries to explain sexuality, the respondent, fondling in a plain and unadorned accompanied by explicit photos of real couples making love, far from the guns carried by porn. In a few weeks, this romantic and explicit sex education manual has passed 100. 000 copies, a performance for this kind of titles. The project of the two authors, show all facets of sexuality and sensuality without taboos to overcome gaps in information that teenagers can find on the Internet and the weaknesses of the answers given by the parents. This guide does not hesitate to quote movies like The Big Lebowski. Result, the book rained as much to an audience of adults to the target audience, adolescents, as reported by release. Sex education changes, it all resembled that experienced by previous generations. Parents have a delicate to play role: they must be modest and respectful witnesses, repeat pedospychiartre Marcel Rufo asked about the Express, never intrusive, able to stay this good remote that reassures and protects. A balance hard to find, but not impossible. . Additional facts can be found reading link.

Autumn coming, clock hands Saturday back one hour.

The night of Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 October returns the daylight saving time. The morning 03:00 the clock will be set back one hour. For many Italians, who are affected by insomnia, loss of appetite, fatigue and mood swings, will be a small nightmare. Instead of allowing a greater rest, moving the hour hand back will result in a series of hardships for over 12 million Italians. Sixty minutes of sleep over daylight saving time will be detrimental to the health of Italians and adverse effects will hit minus the ‘ owls ‘, people who prefer bed, wee hours of larks ‘, who like to enjoy the first few hours of daylight. To explain this small revolution with chronobiology is the psychiatrist Michael Cucchi, Medical Director of the Medical Center Santagostino in Milan. Time change also increase road accidents-but that’s not all: there are more studies documenting a change in sleep quality. Also in these times of the year increase accidents, probably linked to less concentration and greater risk then of incurring fatal neglect. Such effects are largely modulated by the amount of light that we can gather during the day. The most frequent symptoms are irritability, tiredness, difficulty in concentration, decrease of mood. The effect of the time change on individuals may vary greatly from person to person, primarily as a function of their being constitutionally more owls or larks: the former tend to be nocturnal animals that prefer to work and be active in the evening, while the personalities related to early and are usually Skylark make more precisely in the early hours of the day. Early people suffer from pikù time-shifter to suffer more back to standard time are the risers, larks, whose biological rhythms are more Chrono-Dizzy at this stage of the year. It is also the experience of those who suffer from anxiety and depression experience a worsening of symptoms during this time of year, moments in which is always just referred to do therapy changes, even if it is time to suspend the medicines for wellness, reached by delaying such changes to periods of increased seasonal stabilization. Eat to feel better-do not forget to keep food style made meals and not to yield to hyperphagia that nature can have as a corollary of this syndrome, induced by a neurobiological compensation mechanism. A lamp to re-establish circadian rhythms-People are particularly sensitive to these changes can benefit of a specific natural therapy that consists of resynchronizing the circadian rhythms through exposure, at certain times of day of morning bright light induced by specific lamps, which allow you to generate a kind of artificial dawn. Natural light is the main antidote. According to Francesco Pangaribuan, Director of the Foundation for research and treatment of sleep disorders (CRF), in fact, just an increased exposure to light, as the passage in a work environment to a clearer and brighter location, to induce a improving symptoms of so-called ‘ social jet lag ‘. Moreover, it is known as phototherapy (light therapy) constitutes an effective therapeutic tool in both the ‘ seasonal affective disorder ‘ which in some forms of depression, said Pangaribuan. . You must check this to discover extra regarding this great matter.

Climate: Europeans sign a bold agreement.

The most ambitious energy and climate policy in the world. Thursday night, the president of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy spoke with pride the agreement reached in Brussels on the climate. It must be said that it is ambitious, European leaders pledging to reduce of EU by 2030 greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%. A promising signal, one year before the big conference in Paris. 28 heads of State and Government also agreed on two other goals: bring the share of renewable energies to 27% of consumption and 27% of energy compared to 1990, said Herman Van Rompuy. The first is binding at the level of the EU, but not the second. Europeans, pushed notably by the Spain and Portugal, have also decided to increase the objectives of interconnections between electricity grids within the Union, to 15%. But the environmentalists are disappointed. EU leaders give a brake clean energy, denounced Greenpeace. The objectives are well below what could be done by Europe to combat climate change, said friends of the Earth. For Oxfam, insufficient action on the part of the richer countries puts the burden on the poor, the most affected by the change in climate and the least responsible for this crisis, responded Oxfam. The sharing of effort within the EU was central, a few weeks after the Summit in New York. The debate pitted mainly poor countries, mainly from Eastern Europe, which still largely depend on the fossil such as coal, and the richest energies that rely on nuclear power or are already engaged in the energy transition. . For extended insights about this matter click

The Canada attacks: the perfect small jihadist manual applied to the foot of the letter.

Since several ann es Al – Qa’im urges, length of articles or vid os on Internet, its recruits and volunteers pass the action without without orders pr cis, without Organization for entered them ner or support them, glorifying those individual Jihad ros h in advance. A repeated leitmotif in September by the organization Islamic State (AR). If you can kill an unbeliever U.S. am or – in particular, songs and dirty French m – European or an Australian or Canadian (,.) then count on Allah and kill it any way, a d clar Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, spokesman of the EIS. Jihadists online magazines have multiplied the recipes of homemade bombs (how to make one in the kitchen of your re m) and lists of targets, at the forefront of which are system systematically the Western, followed by military politicians and places of power symbolic in the United States and in their s alli. Against them, everything is good: shoot them the weapon of war or hunting, stab them, lay bombs, r out of the poison, used car or truck as a weapon. The moujhahid must practise individual jihad l o he lives and r side, without facing evidence of the journey to the land o the jihad is possible, explained in 2012 the magazine. The enemy is everywhere. Experts have long put warned against the danger that repr feel s isol individuals who, if they are not able to mount large scale attacks, are remaining discreet and cautious before moving almost impossible rep rer. How to disable them? It is very difficult. Should be a legislation adapt l, of the ways pr preventive, says Louis Caprioli, Assistant Director charg of the fight against terrorism of 1998 2004 the Direction of surveillance of the territory. The two Canadians had been rep s, passports had t s confisqu, but Canadian legislation did not go beyond. In cases like these, the only solution is to the arr ter and to imprison pr ventivement. This is what will be possible with the new anti-terrorism Act which will be adopted in France. � . For additional facts on this subject click

An Italian among the angels of Ebola: the story of Clara in Sierra Leone.

For six months, Clara wakes up in the morning with his face tired. Don’t see a Saturday or a Sunday, no longer knows how. But continues to move forward. «Dream of rest, sooner or later it will happen. " Every day, every single day, since in Sierra Leone broke the Ebola epidemic she, along with thirty employees-physicians and paramedical staff-provided coordinates the work, fighting this horrible beast in the heart where this virus is spreading death erupted, tears and pain. The region is that of Pujehun, 320 thousand inhabitants, in the South of the country bordering Liberia, villages and rural district of people with clean eyes that are hiding at home if they find out you have the dark evil that leads to death. A tremendous death, with high fevers and hemorrhaging blood you lose on all sides: eyes, mouth, and skin that turns into a laundry. Clara Fernando, born in 1957, from Padua, bags under the eyes carved out from fatigue, the Gentiles on hair that betray his Western origin, did not choose her to fight against Ebola. We have found. But he decided to stay. Not to escape. And try, each morning, to give aid to Ebola patients, to cause the disease and all the fears that brings back with it can be beaten by medicine. "We will succeed, I know, the situation is slowly improving." It’s one of those people-it’s not often that makes you feel proud to be Italian. A civil hero who works to make things better, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. A thousand miles away from the media spotlight and the clamor of vacuous talk shows. First person risking his life every day. After several attempts to empty-the phone does not take in this area ‘,. «I’m visiting people, now I can’t "-finally makes contact on the phone, at the end of the usual endless day. Double life between Italy and Africa For years Clara led a double life, between Italy and Africa. Working in the hospital in Padua. Every now and then started with the expectation for Africa. War zones. «I did 4 years 4 years in Mozambique and in Angola, during the civil wars ". Emergency work in the operating room, gunshot wounds, amputation of limbs of people who were jumping on the mine. Always on the front line ,. «Why I chose Africa? I don’t know, my father was in Ethiopia to build roads and always tell me of Africa and its people. Maybe is there this my love. Since I was a little girl I chose this job for work in Africa ". Periods of expectation have become gradually longer. "I did the double life for ten years. I returned to Italy and was struggling to stay. I was bewildered at the hospital in Padua, was filming to work always with great difficulty. Return is always difficult. " . You should click this url to learn more regarding this amazing subject.

Seat p mobile: when the Pope Seat.

To inspect the two soccer Temple, the Commission held their breath. The entrance, which led to the playing field, were for the standard car of the Pope, one the Mercedes 230 G with several safety features equipped was, not high enough. Well, good advice was expensive. There were only a few weeks until the visit of the head of the Catholic Church. Replacement had to be found – and fast. So you asked seat, if that could help the organizers bail out the Spanish carmaker. The basis for the dad-mobile was a seat Marbella, so basically a Fiat Panda. The drive was the famous 45-HP engine with 903 cc engine and a top speed of 138 mph., was the visiting Pope not quite as decisive, since the vehicle most of the time only at walking pace would move that. It was more important to have the manual switching gears, which smoothly and especially supple had to work, so the ride was also the reputation of the high score according to. A Pope in a jerky vehicle, which must be stated would be probably not a particularly edifying sight for the faithful. The time was short. Within 15 days, the seat engineers turned the seat Marbella in a full grade Papa-Mobil. The steering wheel and the simple fixtures did not differ from the vehicle, but that the Interior was completely decorated in white. You missed a noble white cover even the thin seats. So, the Papamóvil was a Marbella-Panda pickup truck, where on the walls of the truck a frame was welded on, where the standing holy father could keep down. Because the roof was missing, the body and especially the Group of ground had to be strengthened. The Papa-mobile still weighed just 695 kilograms. A retractable treads, which back was attached to the vehicle, the technician had forgotten. So, the Pope without any big problems could reach his standing. The fold-down windshield guaranteed an unobstructed view and below the rear-view mirror was attached to the dashboard. The Spanish flag and the Orange and white of the Vatican waved on the hood. If the seat-Papa mobile compared with his contemporary equivalent of Mercedes, the Spanish model was however a very functional version of the vehicle. No bullet-proof plexiglass protected John Paul II. But the only 1.70 meters high and 3.38 meters long vehicle performed his work reliably and transported the high guest through the crowds. The Papamóvil remained a one-off, which is today in the seat of the zona franca Barcelona Museum. . You must click this reference to discover more about this interesting subject.